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September 26th - After much deliberation (yes, the whole judging process took a couple of weeks), we have our winners!  Nate Winchester had made a video revealing our results:
 Those winners again are:
1.  White_Bat. - Baby Castiel in library
2.  Beverly Frederick - Picture in Richardson, TX
3.  Janet (We Saved Lucifer) - Crossroads Cemetery
Honorable Mention

- Penny Jaime - Waverly Hills
- Xoferew - Dean with Lawnmower
 Congratulations to our winners!  Please send us a message via "Contact Us" with your contact information if you're the first, second, or third place winner and we'll make arrangements for the prizes to be sent to you.  
Thank you again for all your creative entries.  It was really hard choosing from them all! 
UPDATE 9/11:  Thanks to everyone that participated.  The contest is now closed.  We are reviewing the entries and will announce the winners the middle of next week.  Stay tuned for the big announcement!
UPDATED:  By request (ending contests at the end of a holiday weekend is NOT a good idea), The "Make Your Hometown Supernatural" Contest has been extended by one more week!  The deadline is now Monday September 10th at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time.   Given the amount of great entries we've gotten so far too, we will be awarding second and third place prizes as well.  More details on the contents of the prizes coming soon, but every winner will receive a copy of The Usual Sacrifices.  
For those who don't know, here on the WFB we recently reviewed the tie-in novel The Usual Sacrifices .  Given that this is a slow time for the show and this book took place near me, what if we held a contest for people to show some love of where they live AND their favorite show?
So again, down below in the comments, upload a photo of someplace near where you live (not you're actual house though, please don't dox yourself) and add something of the show to it.  You can place text with your comment as a "caption" of the place (like in our regular caption this contest).  You can pose some figures of the boys in the picture or even pose some cosplayers.  This doesn't even have to be just in America - if you're in another country you still have a hometown!  Anywhere is possible and anything will be accepted as long as it's indentifiably Supernatural
The only 3 rules are:
1) Please keep it PG-13, we are a "family" site after all (it's in our name) so no nudity or excessive gore. 
2) The deadline is Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day here in the US) at 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time.  Now Monday, September 10th at 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time!  We will judge the submissions and announce the winner on Friday, September 7th.  However feel free to vote on and express your appreciation of favorite entries. 
3) Please only 1 entry per person (sorry, we're only mortals).  If you submit 1 picture then get a better idea later, you can submit the new one with a note to ignore the previous entry and we'll duly consider the latest one and not the old.  (If Disqus will permit it, you could also delete the old entry which would be a big help to us.)  Have fun but please don't spam the comments.
And don't worry, we will not sell your information nor give it out.  Your safety and privacy is our concern. It doesn't have to be your exact hometown, just anyplace you can reasonably drive to (it's up to you whether your brother rides along) and take the picture of yourself.  The contest is more about the spirit of the show, than the letter of the rules.
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