The new promo photos for next week's "Defending Your Life" are up in our Photo Gallery.

This looks vaguely familar.  

(This is Alice BTW sabotaging Sablegreen's page because I'm feeling cheeky). 


# Margaux 2011-10-08 10:22
It's 'Q' from STTNG - right? ...have to recall the eppy... not sure... wasn't he kinda putting Picard (and Crew or even humanity) on a trial??? - Are you comparing just the 'look' or also the plot? hmmm...
# Alice 2011-10-08 15:02
Sorry, I was purposefully vague to see if anyone got the reference. Yay pusscat1701!

This is from the first episode for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Q, a God, puts the crew of the Starship Enterprise on trial. He's the judge, and sits on a throne and everything. It's me so far sniffing out a recycled plot. We'll see how it turns out!