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Here's the Producer's preview from The CW for Friday night's episode, "Party On Garth."



JustJared posted some mighty fine set photos of Jensen and Jared filming 7.22. 

Photo caption: Actor Jensen Ackles films a new episode for his hit show "Supernatural" with co-star Jared Padalecki. The boys filmed a scene at a gas station in cold conditions and Jared can be seen throwing jelly beans in the air to try and catch them in his mouth.


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Here are 10 promo photos for the March 30th episode, "Party On Garth."  As you can see, DJ Qualls makes another appearance.  

0433.jpg1049.jpg1152.jpg1301.jpg1635.jpg1789.jpg2512.jpg2666.jpg2725.jpg2764.jpg2774.jpgBalls.jpgBobby.jpgBobbyandDean.jpgcars.jpgDeanasks.jpgDrinking.jpgDrunkGarth.jpgEmptyBottle.jpgFBIthing.jpgGarth.jpgGarthbadge.jpgGarthGlasses.jpgGarthHug.jpgGarthSamDeanMorgue.jpgGarthTomb.jpgGarthwalks.jpgGhostBobby1.jpgGhostBobbyandDean.jpgGoodbye.jpghanging.jpgJapanese blessing.jpgJapanese restaurant.jpgmrfizzles.jpgPhonecall.jpgpromo001.jpgpromo002.jpgpromo003.jpgpromo004.jpgpromo005.jpgpromo006.jpgpromo007.jpgpromo008.jpgpromo009.jpgpromo010.jpgSakeHandPorn.jpgSamtalks.jpgSamuraiDean.jpgShojo(1).jpgShojo.jpgShojo2.jpgslowdriver.jpgSPN_0793.jpgSPN_0796.jpgSPN_1092.jpgSternGarth.jpgSword.jpgtoast.jpg

Yep, we are seeing even more spoilers crop up just 1 day before the episode airs.  The CW gave a private screening to a few reporters and while they can’t reveal the "big" secret, they are letting out some more facts.  Below are 5 reasons why Zap2it feels you shouldn’t miss the episode.

1. When we find Sam again, he's been awake for four days straight and he's resorting to desperate measures. The kind of desperate measures you buy from a tweaker in an alley. Needless to say, the pills don't work -- as Lucifer says, all Sam's doing is "bringing free drugs to the party."

2. Crowley's "hands off the Winchesters" memo seems to have expired. Yes, the demons that have mostly stayed out of the boys' way this season are back, and they're pissed. It's been a while since the boys have been forced to whip out Ruby's knife, but Dean uses it a whole lot in this episode. By the time Meg (Rachel Miner) shows up, Dean needs a friend so badly he's... well, willing to call Meg a friend.

3. Sam makes a friend in the psych ward. His organs are beginning to fail from lack of sleep, but leave it to Sam Winchester to find himself a hunt anyway. Sam bonds with Meredith, another patient, over shared candy bars (at least, until he's no longer physically strong enough to open the wrappers) and he tries to cure her depression the Winchester way.

4. Castiel is married! He's going by the name Emanuel (he chose it from, naturally -- it means "God is with us") and is hitched to a sweet lady named Daphne.

5. That helpful ghostly presence is still around. You know the random gust of wind that seems awfully familiar with Bobby's notes and books.

Robert Singer narrates a promo for this Friday's episode. 

Ask Kristin’s column has a small spoiler about episode 7.19 “Of Grave Importance” in response to a fan question.

PalestineUSA: Anything with Supernatural!

Oh, you thought that one guy, a serial killer, who was in love with the demon that possessed him was all kinds of creepy? How about a twentysomething woman who still thinks she's a tween because she's been possessed for over 10 years? Our only question: Is she obsessed with two hot boys on a cult-hit supernatural show? Stranger things have happened...

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SpoilerTV posted a tidbit of information about episode 7.22  "There Will Be Blood"

In the episode is a character named Emily, who is not as she appears.  Her timidity seems to be the cover for something more serious as she has been the prisoner of a very, very powerful monster for a long, long time.

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Laura Prudom of Huff Post TV has an absolutely wonderful article on interviews she did with Jensen, Jared and Sera Gamble.

They talk about this week's episode, upcoming episodes and some recurring and new characters.  Sera Gamble also mentions that the arc beginning with this episode will take place between this week and episode 23.  Here's hoping that means Cass stays around for a while.

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