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This was published in this week's issue of TV Guide (we'll have the screen shot up of it later).  There's a bit in there about what to expect at the beginning of Supernatural season 8 from Executive Producer Robert Singer and how the ending of the season 7 finale ties into it.  It's interesting!  Certainly enough to wildly fuel speculation. Keep in mind only the items in quotes are Robert Singer's words.  The rest belongs to the writer of the piece. 

Why did Crowley send Dean to Purgatory and leave Sam alone?

The demon doesn't like either brothers but unfortunately, "Dean was with the angel Cas," Crowley's sworn enemy, "when they found Roman," explains exec producer Robert Singer.  "That decision plays well into next season because Sam (Jared Padalecki) has generally been the more sensitive one, and to have him deal with a human problem rather than a supernatural one just seemed right to us."  But as soon as Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Cas (Misha Collins) found themselves in Purgatory, the angel dematerialized.  Misha's minions can relax --that doesn't mean fan favorite Cas is gone for good when the show returns next season.  "Our intention is to have Cas back for a number of episodes," Singer promises.

Then..., there's this stray quote in the corner of the blurb. 

"The brothers are reunited on screen quickly, but much time will have passed," says executive producer Robert Singer. 

Okay, time to speculate away!

Lots of Speculation on what happens tonight.  From the CW Upfronts yesterday, hear Jensen and Jared talk about it. 

Here's a special treat!  We do get a Producer's Preview as usual, but this time it's really Misha Collins! Hear what fun stuff he has to say about Friday's season finale, "Survival of The Fittest"

Dean, Sam, Cass, Bobby, Crowley, Meg and BABY!!!!  Altogether in the finale!  Who lives and who dies?

Wow, season finale already?  Here are the released CW promo photos for 7.23, "Survival of The Fittest."  They don't tell you much, other than Sam has a sandwich aversion going.  Figures!


Bob Singer talks about Bobby and the problems he may cause for the boys.