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More completely vague spoilers for your enjoyment!  This one today comes from EOnline, it's all about the auction thing.  Except they say it's episode 3, which would be the episode Jensen was directing, perhaps.  That could also be episode 4.  Zap2It said the auction was episode 2, but they aren't exactly known for getting their facts straight.  So we'll just say episode 2/3 ish.  Anyway, the spoiler:

Tabitha: I'll take anything you've got on the new season of Supernatural!
Mythology fans, prepare to geek out. In Supernatural's third episode of the season, we'll meet Plutus, the host of a high-end auction who likes the bids to go higher and higher (how fitting considering Plutus is the God of wealth?), and Mr. Vili, who is after one of the auction's items and will do anything it takes to get it. In Norse mythology, Vili is one of the three gods of creation.

I really hope this isn't a Dabb and Loflin episode, for we saw what they did to Gods last time they tried that.  At least they're not saying the ep is called "What's New Tiger Mommy?"  I'm sure we'll get that all straight eventually.  

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We've got a few new Spoilers!  First one comes from Zap2It.  We have some info about episode 2 (Updated, or perhaps episode 3.  EOnline just posted a spoiler saying it's episode 3, and we know Zap2It has historically gotten their facts wrong.  Stay tuned).  The title is strangely, "What's Up Tiger Mommy?"  Okay.  Here's the rest of the info.  It doesn't have quite the same "bite" as vampires into boating, but I'm keeping an open mind.  :)

The Winchesters are invited to a very fancy party. (Cross your fingers for tuxes, ladies.) The event is described as "an auction of remarkable, unworldly objets d'art" -- and the bidding will get heated as an ancient monster grows increasingly determined to get what he wants

Filming started for episode 8.01 last week, and they were filming at the University of British Columbia. That's the same place they filmed "Bugs," "Tall Tales," and "The Slice Girls."  We're not going to repost Behind The Scenes photos, but for those that really want to see them, here's a link to Summerholt's Livejournal page.  She gives a full report.

There's also some more photos here:

When I interviewed Jensen at Comic-Con on Sunday, he said this about a recurring monster that would be new to the show.  “There’s going to be a character that gets Dean out.  Because “I need you and you need me.  Separated we can’t get out but together we can get out.”  Obviously that character, he doesn’t go away right away and Dean is indebted to him and of course he’s not a good guy.  That is a character that gets introduced in the first episode.”  

Jensen wouldn't give the name, but now Michael Ausiello has spilled the beans.  It is Battlestar Galactica Alum Ty Olsson.  According to TV Line, Olsson "will play Benny, a dark and dangerous vampire who helps Dean escape from purgatory." 

Here's the imdb page of Olsson just in case you're having a case of "Who?"  or "Hey, It's That Guy!"  Looks like the guy has gotten around.  

Ty Olsson on IMDB


Now that I've posted and processed all the wonderful interviews, panels, and other things "Supernatural" from Comic-Con, I'm ready to try to put it all together in one Spoiler Page!  I'll list first the spoilers I got from my interviews and the panel, and then start accumulating from there.  Come back often, for I'm sure I'll be updating this page a few times.  

As I promised, here is the full interview with Supernatural Executive Producer Robert Singer by Ileane Rudolph of TV Guide that will appear in the Comic-Con Edition of TV Guide to be released tomorrow.  

All credit for this interview belongs to TV Guide and Ileane Rudolph.  If you really want to show them some love, please pick up a copy of this special edition.  This is just one small blurb of the many great things they have in this magazine. 

The questions are in bold, Singer's answers are underneath. 

I was able today to get hold of an advanced copy to the Comic-Con Special Edition of TV Guide.  My copy has the gorgeous Winchester Brothers on both the front and back cover, Dean in front in the front cover and Sam in front on the back.  The magazine features some big sections for "The Big Bang Theory," "Fringe," "The Vampire Diaries," "Person of Interest," "Nikita," "Children's Hospital," and of course "Supernatural," as well as previews for new shows "666 Park Avenue," "Arrow," "Revolution," "Cult," "The Following," and plenty of DC animation.  

The "Supernatural" section is 8 pages long.  It features the following:

- "Blood Brothers" - an interview with Jared and Jensen by Ileane Rudolph (no spoilers)
- "The Many Faces of Evil" - a look at the "Supernatural villains by Ileane Rudolph
- "Blood/Alcohol Content" - a breakdown of shooting the swordfight scene with the Shojo in "Party on Garth" by John Hogan
- "The Devil Is In The Details" - a "Supernatural" trivia quiz by Alice Jester (gee, I wonder who that could be???)
- "Burning Questions" - a season 8 preview interview with executive producer Robert Singer by Ileane Rudolph

All of these are a blast to read, but this is the Spoiler page.  Only one coughs up what you're looking for.  Spoilers!  I'll share the interview in full on Wednesday when Comic Con starts, but here's the highlights of the Robert Singer interview in which he shares some very spoilery details.  Total, full credit for these spoilers and exclusive rights goes to Ileane Rudolph and TV Guide.  Anything is quotes is from Robert Singer. 

I imagine this is going to be a pattern as prep continues for episode 8.03 in the next week, but we have more info!  According to Zap2It, the now tentative title for episode 8.03 is "Heartache."  This does make me wonder if perhaps this season is following a pattern of one word descriptive titles like "Smallville" did, for I don't see a pop culture reference there anywhere.  Given the fact it's a working title though, I'm not reading that much into it yet.

Also, it's been revealed that the case, which is supposedly involving strippers, will have a 70 year old woman with a questionable past who helps out.  Perhaps she was a stripper?  I'm just throwing that out there. 

The link is below.  There are spoilers for other shows here too, so you have been warned.

Zap2It is reporting that a casting call has gone out for the first episode to be shot, aka episode 3, that will start shooting on July 9th.  This is the episode that Jensen Ackles is directing.  According to them, they are casting for a woman named Amelia prepared...will be a love interest for Sam.  The character will be a doctor in her late 20's or early 30's and she's overwhelmed by a devastating tragedy.  Sounds like Sam's type of gal! 

Now, before all of you get in a big twist about this, I do recall season four when early spoilers had a love interest, a waitress named Kristy, for Sam.  Turns out that woman was Ruby.  Now I'm not suggesting Sam is sleeping with demons again or anything like that, just that sometimes these spoilers aren't what they seem.  However, they are saying this gal will be recurring, or at least hinting it.  That part wasn't super clear.  

What I found most interesting about this news is the episode will be about Sam investigating grisly murders "related to the Occult."  Aren't they all related to the occult?  Ah well, sounds like maybe it's another Sam centric episode while Jensen directs.  I'm cool with that, as long as it's a little better written than last season's "The Girl Next Door."  

Here's the link to the Zap2It article:

What do you think?  Spoiler or foiler? 

Spoilers have been scarce recently, but a few tweets posted the last couple of days indicates that things are starting to stir in SPN land.

Jerry Wanek, (@JerryWanek), Production Designer on “Supernatural” tweeted yesterday, “Got to get stuff done before diving into Purgatory a.m. Peace out”

And Clif Kosterman, (@bodyguard4JandJ), tweeted that he is back in Vancouver on [June] 26th, so likely that is when Jensen will start the prep work for the episode he is directing. Currently Clif is in Texas with the J2s and their families. 

Jim Michaels confirmed by Twitter that Jensen Ackles will direct the third episode of the year, but it will be filmed first so he can have time to prep for it.  Filming will start July 9th. The episode title, writer and director have not been released. 

In a recent interview with Rick Worthy, he mention some tidbits of information about season 8 in response to some of my questions. I have posted those questions and replies below.

Is the Alpha vampire ever going to get a name?

I know his name….his real true name. It's a very, very long name and he comes from royal ancestry. So the way he eats and talks…everything about him is regal. And I hope there's a chance for his name to come out. It will have to be totally worked out with the writers and producers. That is building an independent character with last and final secrets. They have a lot of secrets, and that's probably one of the biggest ones because it's the key to his origin….where he comes from.

So if the character continues on the series, how would you expect him to evolve? Do you have any direction specifically that you'd like to see him go in?

Yeah, I think there's been a couple of times when he said he has unfinished business with the Winchesters.  And there's a conflict that needs to happen between him and the two brothers, but I think there's also a bigger conflict that needs to happen, as well. There is a war coming, I believe, and hopefully he's going to be part of it. Whose side he is going to be on, I think, is crucial to the survival of his character. So it may be that he makes some kind of an alliance with the Winchesters. But it's the kind of an alliance that has a lot of gray in between. You know he can't quite trust them, but you know they need him. So that's why when I read the script [for] “There Will be Blood," I was like, "okay this is going to go down." This script is really written well because he reluctantly gives up his blood to help them out. He doesn't just give it to them. There has to be a bit of a showdown first, and then he decides that, "okay, I'll help rescue you." It was so well written because it takes a lot for him to give up his blood. So if and when he comes back in season eight, I would love to try to continue along those lines were he'd like to help the Winchesters but he's not just giving up easily. 

To read the entire article,click here.