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Eric Goldman at IGN is the latest of the high profile journalists to have an interview with Jeremy Carver.  A lot of the questions and answers are repetitive of past interviews, but here's a couple I really loved:

IGN: Was it exciting for you, daunting, or a little of both that you weren’t going to be a part of setting up these storylines as much as seeing, “This is the last crisis we’ve left them with,” and kind of figuring out where those puzzle pieces will fit?
Carver: I don’t know if you’re a fan of Top Chef?
IGN: Yes, I am, actually!
Carver: The Top Chef challenge where one chef starts, and then the other chef is blindfolded and has to come in and start? It’s a little bit like that. The show always has the base to fall back on, which is the brothers. You can go a lot of different directions as long as these guys are at the center of it. So yeah, it was very exciting, but coming off a couple years where I was starting something -- that’s still something I’m still working through. You’re being held to such an enormous canon. It’s very easy to be in the room and throw something out there, and someone’s like, “You can’t do that. We did that. We can’t do that.” That said, it’s worth it. I think the staff is feeling very invigorated and fun, and they’re introducing new characters and lots of new structural things to the show. It feels like we’re doing our best to keep things fresh and exciting.

IGN: Based on what you’ve revealed so far, I’ve seen some fans express concerns like, “Did Sam give up looking for Dean? How much did he try or not try to find him?” What can you about that, as far as what Sam was doing while Dean was gone?
Carver: I would say that I don’t think anything is done without good reason. One of the things in the show is that, particularly this season, people might think one way about one of the brothers in the beginning. Again, it goes along with perception. I would just ask people to hold on to your hats and understand that we’re going to be exploring each brother, the very complex and difficult things that they’re going through. No one’s hands were completely clean at the end of last season. What you think might be a bad thing -- I don’t think you’ll think that as the season goes on. We’re playing with expectations.
IGN: Lastly, I’ve got to try… Jim [Beaver] was at Comic-Con promoting the show, so is it safe to assume...
Carver: Love him! No answer.

Read the entire interview here:

Call it more of a light teaser.  After all, Jeremy Carver is the source!

It teases that just because Dean is into hunting after Purgatory, his state of mind is not necessarily 'alright'.  Sure that's to be expected, but we didn't really expect Purgatory to be a quick fix, right?  I asked, RIGHT???  I know, we're a little wary of the quick fix after season seven.  

Let the speculation begin.  Thanks to Bamboo24 for the tip. 


Here's another interview with Jeremy Carver.  Laura Prudom asks some great questions here and asks him quite a bit.  She gets some really detailed answers too.  My favorite question though was the very last one.  After the S7 finale I sent a tweet speculating that  Sera Gamble wrote that ending, chucked the script at Jeremy Carver and said "All yours!"  Turns out, that's pretty much what happened.  So score another one for Laura Prudom!

TV Line's Vlada Gelman has published her latest interview with Jeremy Carver.  I really love this because he pointed out some of the flaws he saw in season seven that he'd like to rectify.  I'm not sure if enough was revealed to please skeptics but I found it encouraging that he hopes to change some things.  There's even a show of faith in here from Eric Kripke.  So, what do you think, does this sound on the right track?

With Supernatural having a small presence at the TCA's this week, a number of conversations with Jeremy Carver and Misha Collins have been coming up.  I've posted a few of those interviews here, but how about a Jeremy Carver soundbite to go with it!   

This is from the latest "Ask Ausiello" at TVLine.  It's a Destiel question.

Question: Any Supernatural scoop about the Dean-Castiel dynamic? —Joyce

Ausiello: “That is something that we explore heavily throughout the season through some pretty extensive flashbacks into purgatory,” reveals new showrunner Jeremy Carver. “People are always referring to purgatory as hell, and purgatory is not hell. Purgatory is a really brutal, free-wheeling place, but it has different effects on different people. It will have a different effect on Cas and Dean as you already started to see [in the Season 7 finale]. But I will say what you think you saw might not be exactly what you saw.”

Also, here's a nugget from Spoiler TV about upcoming episode 8.04.  It sounds like a vampire episode.  I know Ben Edlund wrote one, but I thought it was episode 8.05.  Maybe they changed it.  Anyway, this sounds like they got their info from a casting call.

The working title of 8.04 "Bitten."

It will feature, Kate, a possible recurring guest who is described as a pretty coed. Also a character called Michael who falls in love with Kate but their relationship is hindered by a supernatural force. And finally Brian, Michaels best friend who hates Michaels relationship with Kate

A college professor named Ludensky, who has a secret past, is also being cast.

Thanks to Bamboo24 for this tip!  You see any spoilers that aren't here?  Feel free to share your tip through the "Contact Us" section. 


I absolutely love Maureen Ryan.  That's no secret.  What I really love is she's not afraid to ask the hard questions, try to get answers when others are asking "give us some scoop."  This time she takes her questions to Misha Collins, who answers the best he can given what he knows about the season.  The results are awesome.  This is easily the best interview I've seen from the TCAs.  I really, really hope she got to do an interview with Jeremy Carver too.  He needs to answer a lot of the same questions.  Except that hating Sera Gamble thing.  That was just plain odd.

Hee, I got clever with the XXX's huh?  Usually I tend not to link a lot of stuff from Zap2It, but this is actually a pretty good interview that Carina MacKenzie had with Jeremy Carver.  I assume this is also coming from the TCAs.  Jeremy Carver elaborates a bit more on Sam's new love interest and Dean's new "influence."  It's pretty interesting.  If anything, it's fuel for speculation since we have over two months to kill (I know, I got to stop saying that).

So, what do you think about this info?

Danielle Turchiano of the LA Examiner got to talk to Jeremy Carver this week (presumably at the TCA's).  There's not a lot of fresh spoilers in here, especially his statement about having a plan that goes three years or more, but it's still a fun little interview.  Carver does give a few more vague statements about the structure of the season, so speculate away!  I'm kind of curious how much of a role the supporting characters are going to play this year.  I'm thinking it can't be any more than last season, but perhaps it'll be better written.  We'll see!

Speaking of speculation, there are no confirmed reports that Lauren Tom is Kevin's mother.  That is all speculation/wishing on Danielle Turchiano's part.  Don't be fooled by her statements that Carver confirmed that. 


Here's a new interview from Misha Collins from last night's CBS/CW party at the TCA's from Danielle Turchiano.  He teases a bit about the upcoming season 8, but really doesn't reveal a lot, especially when we know from this Comic-Con interview a few weeks ago that Castiel would be back in episode two in flashback form.  He does seem to stress what we've heard from Jeremy Carver though, there's a new sense of "maturity" from the characters this year.  That seems to apply to Castiel as well as Sam and Dean.  The whole interview can be found here:

DJ Qualls was at the TCAs (Television Critics Association) event today for cable channel FX promoting his new series "Legit."  While he was there, he supposedly revealed (I'm having trouble of finding more than one source of this information) that he was headed to Vancouver in a few weeks to reprise his role of Garth Fitzgerald IV.  Here is the quote as reported by Pop Culture Zoo:

"I go back to Supernatural in a couple of weeks. It's one of my favorite shows to moonlight on. Jared Padalecki is a really good buddy of mine and also they wrote the part for me. And that's kind of an honor when somebody calls you and says, ˜Hey, we wrote this for you. You probably are not going to do it." I read it and I said, ˜No, this is funny and I'd love to do it.  And I'm having a great time.

The fans on that show are insane. I did one [a convention] in Birmingham, England. And literally people would just line up and hug you and cry. And it's like, ˜I am so boring in real life. This is really flattering, but you should see me ten minutes before I got here. I was like a wreck. They love it."

Here's the entire report, but a couple of weeks puts him in probably episode 4, if the information here is correct.  What do you think?  Is Garth on your list of characters that must return?

Thanks again to Bamboo24 for the info!  

It's not often you get exclusive "Supernatural" casting spoilers from the Hollywood Reporter.  Seems that actress Lauren Tom has landed a key role in an upcoming episode.  Here's the details:

"Men in Trees actress and Futurama voice regular Lauren Tom has booked an episode on the CW drama's upcoming eighth season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Though details are sketchy, Tom's character -- which could be become recurring -- is described as an "intense" and "overbearing" mother to one of the characters on the show. Her introduction to the Supernatural world is said to be dramatic.
She is expected to begin filming in Vancouver in the next couple of days."

(Thanks to Bamboo24 for the link)