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The new promo for episode 7.07 "The Mentalist:

The CW released 3 photo stills from episode 7.07 "The Mentalist" and 5 stills from episode 7.08 "Season 7 Time for a Wedding"

Episode 7.07



Episode 7.08


TVLine released a spoiler in Matt Mitovich column today.  No idea which episode it’s for, but speculation has it a 7.12 “Time and Time Again.”

Supernatural | Should Sam and Dean get fitted for zoot suits? It appears that the CW series is booking a trip to the 1940s or thereabouts, seeing as a casting call has gone out for the role of – wait for it – Eliot Ness. Yes, as in the famous G-man who headed up The Untouchables. Specifically, the show wants an actor in his 40s who presents “an unyielding regality” and in a sharp suit is “the epitome of cool unflappability.” Oh, why am I still talking – y’all are busy imaging the Winchesters in zoot suits. Wakey-wakey!

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The CW has released the official description of Episode 7.09.  I'm dying here! Biggerson's lives!

How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

IT’S A JERSEY DEVIL OF A TIME — Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) become actual hunters, in the true sense of the word, when they set up camp in a New Jersey state park to track a creature that has been attacking people in the woods. The townsfolk claim it is the real Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, Dean is beyond thrilled to find a Biggerson’s restaurant in town, but is devastated when he discovers the restaurant’s special sandwich seems to be making people crazy.

Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund. 
Ha!  This is a good and funny promo the CW just released today.  Love Dean's Swayze line.  Enjoy

This one looks intense!


The CW released the Official Description of the Episode 7.08 “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!”, to be aired on November 11th, 2011.

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

HERE COMES THE GROOM. PLUS DJ QUALLS GUEST STARS — While on a hunt, Sam (Jared Padalecki) runs into someone from his past and a confrontation ensues. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth (guest star DJ Qualls), when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain.

Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

- Station CHCH released this promo from “Shut Up, Dr Phil.”

- Zap2IT released an article in which Sera Gamble talks about Crowley.

"Supernatural": Jensen Ackles gains a height advantage, Crowley sucks up to the Leviathans

We’ve seen Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) deal with lookalike shapeshifters on “Supernatural” before, but never quite like this. In “Slash Fiction,” which airs next Friday, Oct. 21, the Winchesters come face-to-face with the evil versions of themselves when two Leviathans clone them and go on a killing spree.

We’re guessing the dudes brandishing guns in a quiet diner in these new photos from The CW are the bad guys, then… though you never know, with this show. (Apparently the Leviathan who cloned Dean isn’t too pleased with his height disadvantage and needs a bit of a boost.)

With the FBI on their tails (again… R.I.P. Henricksen), Sam and Dean need to lay very, very, low, and they seek help from a cranky computer genius.

Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) returns! Now that Castiel is (we assume) fish food, Crowley is off the hook. And these photos prove that he’s out of his single-wide and back to living in the manner to which he is accustomed.

"He did dodge a bullet in the short-term, but there’s never a power vacuum for very long,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells us of our favorite King of Hell, who won’t waste any time trying to get in with the Leviathans.

“The next time we see him, we see him talking to the new creatures on the scene and trying to assert his place in the new potential way of order, the new hierarchy. He’s just a strategist. This is how he survived so long, is by saying ‘Alright, boss!’ to… well, to whoever he thinks is the new boss.”