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Here are a couple Supernatural spoilers that have surfaced recently:

Misha's At It Again!

Misha Collins released a little teaser on his Twitter yesterday.  Oh yeah, it's got fans a buzz.  The presumption, given the fact we know that episode 7.17 is supposed to be Castiel's return and Sam will be sent to a mental institution, that this is from episode 7.17.  Misha certainly didn't say.  

@mishacollins  The worst thing about these calls is when I ask for a little space, Barack acts like I'm crazy. Do I look crazy to u?

Let the overspeculation begin!  I do wonder if they find Castiel in the same mental institution Sam is sent to.  Then again, perhaps that's what he wants us to think.  

New Episode Titles

These are the current working titles for episodes 7.20 and 7.21.

7.20:  The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

7.21:  In Case of Emergency

Released by the CW today, an amusing set of photos for this Friday's episode.  Looks like both brothers have their hands full!


The CW released a new sneak peek for this week's episode.

TV Guide also has gotten four exclusive photos sharing Sam's very scary run in with his worst nightmare, clowns!  The entire article can be found here:





This one is narrated by Robert Singer.

 Check out a new interview with Jared on the rest of this season and a possible season 8.

Here's the CHCH promo for Slice Girls:

SpoilerTV reported that Rachel Miner was spotted at YVR, possibly to return to SPN.  Another SPN watcher mentioned Rachel on Twitter yesterday, but didn’t have any conclusive evidence.  In addition Misha Collin’s and his family were photographed in Vancouver airport.  SPN is currently filming 7.17 “The Born-Again Identity” the episode in which Castiel will appear.

Here's a great interview with Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) by Danielle Turchiano of the LA Examiner.  He talks about a lot of his upcoming roles, but spills some secrets about what's coming up in Supernatural (Episode 7.15).  Nothing to major is given away, but he does tease a bit.  He also talks about being in the second season of Being Human, so there's spoilers for that if you see that show too.