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Welcome to the Winchester Family Business Spoiler Page! If you don't want to know what's going to happen, don't go any farther. You have been warned...


According to Mike Ausiello from TVLine, Ex-Vampire Diaries star Sara Canning is about to become the latest notch on Dean Winchester’s belt. She is to guest star as a lust interest for Jensen Ackles’ demon warrior.

She’ll play Lydia, a character executive producer Sera Gamble describes as “wry, independent, and as fun-loving as Dean.” Gamble adds that she and Dean “have a memorable evening that takes an unexpected turn.”

The original casting breakdown for Lydia took things a step further, describing their encounter as a “sizzling one-night stand.”

She will appear in Supernatural‘s 13th episode (slated to air in late January).

New spoilers were released today for episodes 7.11 and 7.12 from two writers at TVLine.

First Matt Mitovich released spoiler in his column today about episode 7.11 in which Meghan Ory guest stars.  He talked to her a little about her part.

“Supernatural | When speaking with Meghan Ory (aka Once Upon a Time‘s Ruby aka Red Riding Hood), I was sure to run by her the synopsis for Supernatural‘s Episode 11, in which she plays Sally, “a frightened working girl who comes to Sam for help.” Issue No. 1: Why is Sally “frightened”? “Life’s hard when you’re turning tricks,” she explained. “Plus, there’s some stuff going down at the place that she works, and she has nowhere to turn except to Sam.” Issue No. 2: Why Sam? “He’s in the right place at the right time.” Issue No. 3: Um, what is this ‘right place” that Sam is at, where he’s rubbing elbows with working girls? A cathouse? “No, no, no,” Ory corrected with a laugh. “Sally works out of a truck stop. She’s a good girl who’s doing everything she can to survive, and Sam is there to help her do that. ” And Issue No. 4: Will there be (gratis) sparks with Sam? “Aren’t there always sparks with Sam? At any given moment?” Ory countered, effectively.”

To read the entire article click here

Second, from Vlada Gelman's column, we learn that Jason Dohring will guest star in episode 7.12 as Chronos, the God of Time.  To read the entire article, click here

The CW released 9 Promotional photos for the next episode and it looks like Rufus is back, but not necessarily as a human...more like a ghost I suspect.


Some new info is coming out about Episode 7.13.  According to Spoiler TV, the name has been changed to "The Slice Girls."  This episode apparently involves a strange cult and a one night stand.  So, Michael Ausiello decided to spill something about that, of course obscurring it as a special spoiler in his normal "Ask Ausiello" column that you could only see by liking his Facebook page.  Yes, I did that all for you!  :)

Question: My Aushole is twitching for some Supernatural scoop about Sam and Dean. Can you make the twitching stop? —Casey

Ausiello: Twitching Aushole? I think there’s a support group for that. Moving on… check out the following casting notice that just landed on my desk and tell me if you’re thinking what I’m thinking: “Lydia is in her late 20s, is striking and attractive. She picks up a man and has a sizzling one-night stand with him. But afterwards, she’s cold and indifferent — could that be because she’s part of a strange cult?” I’ve got a better question: Is the name of the man in question Sam or Dean? (Is that what you were thinking?)

Also, some didn't get the joke.  No, 7.13 is not "Sam Gets Electrocuted", although that has to be one of the best foilers ever posted!  Yay to Jared for making our Monday.  

@jarpad - Spoiler Alert! Screen cap from Episode 713: "Sam Gets Electrocuted"

Spoiler TV released the title of episode 7.16 as “Another Man’s Treasure.”

The CW released the Official Description of the Episode 7.10 “Death’s Door”, the mid-season finale for 2011.  The episode will air on December 2nd, 2011.

Official synopsis of “Death’s Door” -  BOBBY REVISITS HIS PAST — As Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby (Jim Beaver) seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.

If the article posted on Affairs Magazine is correct, Sam Winchester's Bride this Friday will be none other than Becky Rosen (Emily Perkins)- the woman whose screen name is “samlicker01."  The information was released about a month ago, but not confirmed until today. 

To read the entire article, click here

Three Part #SPN episode confirmed.

 - In a recent interview Poptimal had with Meghan Ory, she confirmed she will appear on a three-part episode of The CW’s

Supernatural. She couldn’t say much about the episode except to say that it’s “really spooky.”

To read the entire article,
click here.
Jim Michaels on his Twitter confirmed a report from Nicklea.com that Nicholas Lea, who played Alex Krycek on "The X-Files" and has been in numerous series since then, will be making an appearance on Supernatural!  He will be in episode 7.12 as a character named Elliot.  SciFi geeks everywhere are celebrating!

There is an episode title change to Episode 7.12 also, which sounds like it'll be the one in which one of the boys travels back in time.  The new title is "Time After Time After Time."  

Oh, and here's a tweet from Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills).  

@kimrhodes4real - Guess who's leaving for a week to shoot ? And guess who's cat peed on her laptop? (Hint: it's the same person.)