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The CW has not released an official synopsis for "Supernatural" Episode 7.16, "Out with the Old" but Dread Central reported a small ‘tease’: ‘Think you know what's going on? What lies ahead will shock all; even those you didn't know still existed.”  Yeah…not a lot but we need something to tie us over till March 16th!

Terry David Mulligan guest stars on episode 7.18 “party on Garth” and writes on his tweeter account He gets tasered by Garth and “Then I lie on the floor 4ever.” His other tweets regarding his time on set included:

“At one point I was lying on the Floor with my head under a desk and the guys are riffing the script above it”

 â€œno photos. Can't even tell you about the script. Air date mid-march I hear. Best surprise? finding a wine soul mate in Jared”

“this day has been a blast. Great crew. Welcoming cast. You wish every set was like this. Jared and I talked wine a lot”

has the director for the episode as Phil Sgriccia and the writer as Adam Glass….also has Misha Collins listed as a guest star and how nice it is to see him there once more!

Jim Michaels tweeted recently that Misha Collins will appear in 7.17 and that episode will be directed by Robert Singer. Sera Gamble has been reported as the writer also.   Jim also tweeted that Jim Beaver will not be able to return to SPN this season because of conflicting commitments and teased that Ben Edlund may write another episode this season.   One other big tease Jim does to his Jimions is about Baby. He released two more photos of the ‘new’ Baby in the showroom. He still insists that the impala will be back this year. It is rumored that Baby’s remake cost about 20-30 grand (From Alice - not rumored.  Jensen confirmed that for sure at the Nashville convention). Lots to invest if the series is not going to be renewed! (Hint)


He also agreed to release another video of Baby once he reached 10,000 followers.  For those who missed his first video when he reached 5000 followers, it below.

Susan Gittins has managed to get some photos of SPN shooting episode 7.18 "Party on Garth."  The first one was taken at Burger Heaven In New Westminster Near Vancouver. and the other two at North Vancouver's Red Truck Brewery.  From the one photo, it looks like Sam is all healed from his trial in 7.17.   Lets hope so anyway.


To see all the photos, click here
Updated 2/21:  Here is the new "official" CW promo, corrected with the proper return date, March 16th.  

Supernatural 7x16 - "Out With the Old" promo and 7x17 - "The Born Again Identity."  Misha returns in episode 17, Sam also goes to an asylum in that episode. 


Here's Supernatural Executive Producer on his preview for Friday's upcoming episode, "Repo Man."  Seems that Sammy is playing with fire!

Kristin Dos Santos column today has more information on that old flame of the boys.

In answer to a fan question she writes:
“That former flame of both boys we told you about yesterday? She's also a hunter!”

Okay now *that* is interesting.  Can’t wait to see who they cast for the part!

Kristin Dos Santos column yesterday contained a very light SPN spoiler. Her comments to a fan’s question for information:

"Did you ever wish you could date Sam and Dean?! Well apparently some lucky woman has, because we're going to meet a woman in her late 30s who is an old flame of both of them.

And as per SpoilerTV, that flame is named Annie and will be in episode 7.19 â€œOf Grave Importance." 

Just as a side note, that is slated to be Cass's last episode for the season, AFAWK!

Here's a small preview clip released by The CW for episode 7.15 coming up this Friday.  It doesn't give too much away, except Dean keeps trying with Frank.  Good luck with that!

Here's the promo for next week!  Enjoy!

They talk about the filming on tonight's episode 7.14 with the clowns, Sam’s future… And Jensen pretty much reveals the Castiel mystery.

To read the entire article and see the video, click the link below.

The Jared Padalecki  talks to IGN about the killing of important characters, his favorite villain so far & what's yet to come this season

To read the entire article click the link below.

The CW released five promo photos for next week's episode "Repo Man."  Uh oh, looks like Sam is having some Lucifer trouble again!