The Supernatural mid-season hiatus is ending. Here are the promotional pictures for episode 9.
15_09_Sam_Watching.jpg 15_09_Watch_Date.jpg SN1509A_0047b-700x466-08.jpg

SN1509A_0054bc-653x466-01.jpg SN1509A_0072b-700x466-02.jpg SN1509A_0105bc-653x466-03.jpg

SN1509A_0149bc-700x466-04.jpg SN1509A_0270bc-667x466-05.jpg SN1509B_0061bc-653x466-06.jpg

Dean and Cass are in Purgatory. Sam seems to be in multiple places. What do you take away from these pictures? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 10.