We have a couple of spoiler articles for Supernatural Season 14!
The Entertainment Weekly interview with Jared and Jensen is now up on the EW site.
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Quick scoop from TVLine
Question: Now that Dean is back on Supernatural, what is next for his character? Will we see how being possessed affected him, or hints that maybe Michael never left? —Adder
Ausiello: You’re assuming that Dean remembers what happened while he was possessed. As we’ll learn in this Thursday’s episode, “His memories of what Michael did are pretty spotty,” executive producer Andrew Dabb previews. “A lot of it is him discovering, ‘Oh, my God — this happened. Oh, my God, that happened.’ That really takes us through not just [this week], but a few episodes as we move forward.” Plus, the hunter, “in classic Dean fashion, feels kind of responsible for” for the army of supermonsters Michael created, even though it’s totally not his fault.
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