Entertainment Weekly has more information on Supernatural season 13!
There’s some stuff where he’s interacting with Lucifer quite a bit,” co-showrunner Robert Singer tells EW....
But once the two get past their differences — to put it lightly — the interaction will serve a crucial purpose in terms of story. In this case, it’s what Collins says is “literally a deal with the devil.” According to Collins, the two are going to work together toward a common goal.
Since then, Supernatural showrunners have said some “long-dead characters” would return in season 13, and we know that Kevin Tran is on that list. But what about Bobby? Was the season 12 appearance the last we’ll see of him? Doubtful. “Jim [Beaver] is a go-to character,” co-showrunner Robert Singer says. “If we can get Jim back, we always love to have him.”
There is more news on a possible Bobby Singer return. Supernatural bosses are hoping for another Bobby appearance in season 13.

I absolutely think there are more facets to Sam. Just going into my personal life, what I’ve learned from going to therapy is that things don’t go away, they ebb and flow. This season is the first time we really see Sam, again, deal with his destiny; he had demon blood in him when he was a year old. He was supposed to be bad, but through love and nurture, he found a way to be good.  


He makes mistakes, but he’s trying to be good. Sam is now saying the same thing about Jack. Dean is saying that’s he’s half demon and should die, while Sam is saying he’s half human, let’s nurture him. Sam has started to see himself in Jack a little bit, which I’m really excited about. It’s almost like how for so many years Sam didn’t explore his power. When he did explore his power, he started the Apocalypse and he doesn’t like where he goes when he’s that powerful. I’m excited to explore that because it’ll be different for Sam to go through that now, at his current age, then when he was younger. The possibility of those powers is still there and there’s the chance that Jack might bring them out.


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