Ask Kristin’s column has a small spoiler about episode 7.19 “Of Grave Importance” in response to a fan question.

PalestineUSA: Anything with Supernatural!

Oh, you thought that one guy, a serial killer, who was in love with the demon that possessed him was all kinds of creepy? How about a twentysomething woman who still thinks she's a tween because she's been possessed for over 10 years? Our only question: Is she obsessed with two hot boys on a cult-hit supernatural show? Stranger things have happened...

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SpoilerTV posted a tidbit of information about episode 7.22  "There Will Be Blood"

In the episode is a character named Emily, who is not as she appears.  Her timidity seems to be the cover for something more serious as she has been the prisoner of a very, very powerful monster for a long, long time.

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