GAH!  Must see now.   


# Talos 2012-03-19 12:46
Great clip--thanks. I wish the producers would ditch boring Castiel and Sam and Dean could both interact with Luciifer--a great character played by a terrific actor! (btw, Sam's respectful attitude towards the murderous angel who tore down the wall makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.)
# CASTIEL! 2012-03-21 16:30
Bitch Please! Castiel DIED for them like a billion times! And he saved them BOTH from hell, and he felt betrayed for being abandoned after he tried to save the WORLD by working with Crowley. He screwed up with the wall but he belongs with sam and dean and CAS IS NOT BORING. If anything, Dean is boring these days with his hoplelessness and blah blah blah change the record...
So yes. I heart Cas!