Jim Michaels just tweeted that they were prepping for episode 7.15.  The title is "Repo Man," which had previously been reported.  What wasn't reported though, it's a Ben Edlund script!  Whoo hoo!  

If anyone knows the film "Repo Man," its about a young punk that stumbles upon a radical group that have stolen alien bodies being hidden by the government.  The bodies are carried cross country in the trunk of a 1964 Chevy Malibu.  It's a way out there film, and it really does remind me of Ben Edlund's style.  Who knows if this will follow such a plot, but it's an offbeat comedy film, so let's hope this is going to be one of those offbeat comedy Ben Edlund episodes.  If Harry Dean Stanton ends up making a cameo (he did with Chuck) then it'll definitely be a shoutout to the original.  

Here's the message from Jim Michaels: