- TVOvermind posted this accounting of 7.01 “Meet The New Boss”.

“The premiere will pick up right where the season 6 finale left off.  Castiel will refrain from killing Sam, Dean and Bobby but tells them they need to stay out of his business, despite the fact that they are obviously horrified by what he's become.  His business involves setting out to "right some of the wrongs in the world".  From what we've heard, that's going to involve killing people (and angels).

In a desperate attempt to stop his old friend, Dean comes up with a plan: they should summon and bind Death and get him to stop Castiel. But Cas is a clever one and he steps in to disrupt Dean's plan.  The end result?  Dean is left to face a very angry Death.  The network also warns that Sam will be dealing with the broken wall in his head from the get-go.  All of this makes sense when you factor in the promo for season 7 that we've seen (view it here).  There's Death, there's Sam in pain (likely from the broken wall and Hell memories) and there's Castiel going on a spree.

Expect the problems with Cas to continue until episode 7.02.  What happens after that, only time will tell at this point.”

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- Time for a mystery spoiler.  Kim Rhodes tweeted on her account, “Who's goin to Vancouver and gets to kiss @jumblejim once she's there? And get paid for it? I don’t want to name names, but it rhymes with ME!”

Do I sense a Sherriff Jody Mills and Bobby Singer relationship?....maybe a marriage?  Whoa!