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Supernatural song

Hello to all my fellow Supernatural addicts XD I recently wrote a song that is inspired by the (mis)adventures of the Winchester brothers this season and would love it if you could check it out. The link is http://youtu.be/e3MswyliCss. Let me know ...
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Supernatural Future Storyline - Adam Returning?

Hey guys, So I know like we are on the 13th episode of Season 10 now, but I was just wondering, going back to the 200th episode special "Fan Fiction" do we have any thoughts on the Adam reference? Like maybe the next season will be about s...
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Which one of Sams many haircuts do you think is the best?

I personally like his style in the 4th season the most. what about you?...
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An out there theory regarding Castiel

I wrote this theory a while ago and it seems to me to hold together reasonably well. I don't really mean any of it seriously, this is purely a hypothetical storyline that fits that it might be interesting to discuss. I think it would be a more intere...