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  3. Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Welcome to Season 15 discussion page! The introduction text at the start will always be the same and even though there are "no rules" there are some guidelines for these pages. These pages will be updated frequently when the material is available.

1. Site rules are also good guidelines for the discussion.
2. Use Spoilers! word at start if you have a new spoiler about an unaired episode that people can discuss. The updates show on the main page.
3. When the episode has aired Spoilers! is not needed.
4. For all, this is a page to analyze, speculate, discuss about the episode BUT do it past your good/bad personal opinion about the show, a character, story, writer, show runner or anything that is part of the show. Target is to keep the discussion going and fun for all. Also the ideas, speculation and episode analyzes I have heard really deserves a spot to get out.
5. All are welcome!
6. Everyone can participate by adding the rumors/spoilers they find.

Title not known

Here is a fan art poster for you to enjoy made by: ? Stoop Kid [I ❤ you 3000] @MissLucifleur . Check out rest of her art here: MissLucifleur.


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This Reddit post has Supernatural setting up in a high school cafeteria as an emergency shelter.
Reddit Filming Notice Link

Original Poster: I have some pictures of the set I took through the cafeteria windows. They said that all would be returned to pre-shoot conditions, but the locker doors were painted to red from pink, and so were the doors visible from within the cafeteria. They even have a huge sign thing on the wall that reads "John C. Harlan High School." The cafeteria is set up as an Emergency Shelter of sorts.

Dirtroadscholer: Quick google-fu says that John C Harlan died in Lebanon, Kansas, Lebanon was the episode that John comes back in (subsequently returning to 2003)...

Pictures here:
Imgur Supernatural Spoiler Pictures
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Couple more links to Spoiler videos.
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"> <a href="https://twitter.com/archiveRob/status/1163149348148002816?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"></a></blockquote>;
This video has Erica Carroll (Hannah), Rob (Chuck) and Emily (Amara). It should be interesting to see what role Erica has since Hannah returned her original vessel to Caroline, and then later died, so she should be in The Empty. Will the Empty come back in Original Hannah's body? Does this have to do with Castiel's deal?

Ruth has continued her one-shot interviews with Rob...
Video 2
And Emily...
Video 3
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Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels 3h
Onward with the season’s 3rd episode tech scout of #suprtnatural @cw_spn #spnfamily & we welcome back for the first time in a long time @CharlesBeeson at the helm of a @robertberens script
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Supernatural #SPN Scotland @SPN_Alba
Spoiler alert ?

Amara aka
will be returning in S15 to set Chuck straight.
Welcome back Emily!

? IG @/bigEswallz

#SPNFamiIy #Supernatural
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