Doubletakes and Doppelgangers: A Supernatural Memory Game
Last summer, I spent July still catching up with the Supernatural, and when I was done, I wasn't sure if I'd make it to September without being institutionalized.   Well, here we are again! Facing my first full summer Hellatus, I was pondering ways to pass the time, and thought of this bit, basically a variation on a trivia quiz. Every now and then we'll encounter a character on the show who looks weirdly familiar"”weird because they're a new character we've never met before. You know, that feeling of déjà vu. Mind your blood pressure, Sam!  
Turns out there are several instances in which the same actor has played two different roles on Supernatural, at least one being pretty minor in most cases. Below are several examples, where I describe the more recent role, so you can see if you remember where we've seen them before. These are all the ones I'm aware of, at any rate"”I'm sure I've missed more, so if you know of any, let us know!
Supernatural fans are a pretty sharp, observant, and often detail-oriented bunch, so I figure this'll be pretty easy, especially if you read the recaps! To make things a little more interesting, I threw in one or more trick questions, characters who've appeared only once and as far as we know have no doppelganger in the Supernatural world. Answers will be posted on page 2.  Hope you have fun! 
1.       Austin, "Good God, Y'All"

It takes one to know one. This soldier, who comes home from Fallujah only to find the Apocalypse upon his town, recognizes a kindred spirit in Dean.
2.      Crossroads Demon #1, "Crossroad Blues"

Makes Robert Johnson sing the blues, with good reason.
3.       Sherriff Carnegie, "Fallen Idols"

I figure Canton's a good place to be a criminal.
4.       The lovely and undead Karen Singer, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

Ashes to ashes . . . Oh, Bobby!!! 
5.       Big Bite Pizza delivery kid, "Monster Movie"

This part was so small it went uncredited, but I loved this kid!
6.        Hotel manager, "The Real Ghostbusters"

Having a close encounter with one of the creepy children.
7.       Barry Cook, "After School Special"

Takes one to know one: this outsider recognizes a kindred spirit in Sam.
8.       Dr. Corman, "My Bloody Valentine"

The good doc was so appealing, he couldn't possibly make it to the end of the episode. According to the Laws of Kripke, he's too lovable to live.
9.       Sera Siege, "The Monster at the End of this Book"

Doesn't want any smart-ass article making fun of her boys . . . and yes, she's got one too.


Doubletakes and Doppelgangers: The Answers
1.      Probably wasn't cool of me to start off with a trick question, but as far as I (and IMDb) know, this was Shawn Roberts' only appearance on Supernatural.
2.       Taylor, "Hookman"

           There's nothing she wouldn't do.
3.       Chuck Lambert, "Phantom Traveler"

Afraid to fly? This won't help.
4.       Dying nurse, "In My Time Of Dying"

Can see right through Dean.
5.       The pizza kid doesn't have a doppelganger either"”just messing with you again. 
6.       Ben the banker, "Long Distance Call"

A casualty of the crocatta feeding on the souls of Milan, Ohio. I'm seriously starting to consider moving out of state.
7.       Bully, "Wishful Thinking"

The tables have turned in Concrete, Washington, and this kid will soon be forced to Kneel Before Todd! 
8.       Librarian, "Provenance"

Always willing to help out a couple of crime buffs.
9.       Karen Giles, "The Usual Suspects"

In this Supernatural whodunit, the ghost is the red herring and provides key clues. Sam and Dean don't figure it out in time to save Karen"”the look on Dean's face tells you how that weighs on him-- but they do catch her killer and save Det. Ballard's life.

Thanks for playing!