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Brainteaser #5 Answers

Name the one episode that showed Jack's bare essentials.

13.01 "Lost and Found" - Jack was brought into this world the same way as any other human being - naked. Thanks to his mom, though, he wasn't entirely helpless. 


Jack's mom told him he needed to grow up quickly to defend himself against those who wanted to harm him, so when Sam found Jack moments after his birth, Jack was already a teenager.

13.01 0038 Jack naked eyes glowing

Like Adam in the Garden of Eden, Jack didn't know he was naked, though,...

13.01 0206 Jack naked in forest

until local townspeople noticed him...

13.01 0371 Jack naked staring

and told him he was different, shredding the veil of innocence that accompanied his birth.
13.01 0382 Jack naked confrontation

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