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Brainteaser #3 Answers

Name 2 episodes when Castiel was shirtless. 

1. 9.01 "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" - After a bloody battle with an angel (who could have been a friend if things had turned out differently), Castiel very logically concluded that he needed a laundromat to clean his one and only change of clothes. This led to several humorous, awkward and somewhat refreshing minutes of him disrobing in public. First, his back was exposed when he removed his shirt...

9.01 1577 Castiels back

then things quickly progressed from there...

9.01 1579 undressed

as his trousers and trenchcoat were cast into the wash.

9.01 1582 undressed coat

Ultimately, he didn't end up cleaned and pressed because he decided his last few quarters were better spent on food. 

9.01 1599 undressed thinking

2. 9.03 "I'm No Angel" - In one of Supernatural's more controversial, disturbing stories, Castiel, having lost his grace and now human, spent the night with a woman he believed to be a Good Samaritan.

9.03 0952 arm wound

9.03 1072 Castiel April in Bed

The Enochian warding sigil tattoo that is partially visible on Castiel's lower ribs hid him from angels and gave him a dark air of a mysterious past. Sadly, they were also indirectly responsible for the cruel end to Castiel's one night of bliss. 

9.03 1074 pillow talk

Unbeknownst to him, April was a reaper who used sex to lower Castiel's guard, making him vulnerable to her attack. Similar to when Dean slept with an Amazonian woman who needed a partner to impregnate her, Castiel was an unwitting victim being used as part of a larger scheme.   

9.03 1077

At least he, and fans, got a few minutes of happiness before the scenes of his body being tortured turned his (and our) Heaven into Hell.  

There is one more shirtless scenes for Castiel. In 5.18 "The Point of No Return", Castiel carved a banishing symbol into his chest with an angel blade. Those pictures are gruesome and bloody - and certainly not steamy - so I chose to leave them to your extended research! If you're interested, you can check them out in our episode photo gallery (at the link above) and give yourself 1 extra credit point for remembering that episode.

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