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Brainteaser #2 Answers

Name 5 episodes or situations when Dean was shirtless for reasons other than indulging sensual desires.

1. 2.01 "In My Time of Dying" - This answer was probably easy if you remembered John's shirtless scene for Brainteaser #1. Dean's bare chest may have been the last thing you noticed as you watched the horrifying scene of him dying in his hospital bed, but medical emergency still required the necessity of being unclothed. 

2.01 0347 
On second thought, maybe you did notice...

2.01 0353


2. 1.06 "Skin" - True to its name, "Skin" gave us a transformation sequence that featured chest and back views of Dean's sleek physique... 


stretched and taut as one gets when disrobing.

1.06 0822

It wasn't a pleasant experience for Dean's doppelganger, but fans didn't seem to mind the bare-all exposition of monster lore. Technically, it was a shapeshifter copying Dean's body, but the view's the same. 


3. 1.11 "Scarecrow" - Dean is sleeping peacefully in the next bed without his ever-present tee when Sam gets a wake-up call from their dad. Once Dean hears who's on the phone, he snaps to attention, giving us a precious few seconds of his bare-chest sleeping attire. 

1.11 0111

1.11 0128

1.11 0139

4. 4.01 "Lazarus Rising" - It was exactly two years before we would again see Dean's body for reasons other than being with a special someone for the evening. After he was raised from perdition, fans joined Dean in being awed by his unscarred, lean, muscular abs. Amusingly, The WFB writer at the time saved this screen capture under the witty, double-meaning title, "Dean's Perfect Chest". 


5. 9.18 "Meta Fiction" - Mercifully, Robbie Thompson broke a 5 year drought of gratuitous nudity with literally a shower of slow, steamy shots of Dean contemplating the new defacement of his otherwise perfect structure. 

9.18 0031 shower shoulder shot

The view lingers on his shoulders...

9.18 0037

and neck...

9.18 0038

and then trapezius muscles...

9.18 0039

and all that cascading water...

9.18 0041

washing over Dean's troubled mind... 

9.18 0042 Dean shower no logo

but it wasn't enough to rinse away the mark that colored Dean's forearm.

9.18 0063 Arm MoC

So Dean pondered...


and considered...


and ultimately lived with the burden of his fate. 

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