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Brainteaser #2 Answers

Name the 2 episodes or situations when we knew what was about to happen behind closed doors, but all we saw was Dean dressed, with more promised to come.  . 

1. 3.01 "The Magnificent Seven" - Continuing the one-per-season glimpses into Dean's love life, he doubled his pleasure with the Doublemint Twins. 

vlcsnap 00007  

2. 9.08 "Rock and a Hard Place" - Another fantasy of Dean's came true when he spent time with Suzy Lee, an actress he recognized from the Casa Erotica movies.


But the passionate kisses were as far as we got to see in this movie marathon. We watched the coming attractions...

9.08 0990

 ...and the credits rolling, as Dean and Suzy put their coats on to leave after the main event. 

9.08 1073 afterward

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