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Brainteaser #1 Answers

Name 6 episodes or situations when a shirtless Dean succumbing to sensual desires was either explicitly shown or implied.

1. 1.13 "Route 666" Being the older brother, Dean gave us Supernatural's first romantic story with a flashback to his earlier days with Cassie. 

SPN 0650

2. 2.20 "What Is And What Should Never Be" - Dean was happily matched with the supposed love of his life... 

2.20 0098 Dean Carmen

but a confused and guilty looking Dean woke up next to a woman he didn't know. He later learned her name was Carmen.

2.20 0102

3. 4.10 "Heaven and Hell" - Dean's most romantic encounter in 15 years was literally steamy, as he shared his "last night on Earth" with Anna Milton in the backseat of Baby. 

vlcsnap 00103

vlcsnap 00104

4.  6.03 "The Third Man" - Unlike Sam, Dean's dreams brought back good memories, as he missed his loving, long-term relationship with Lisa.  


5. 7.13 "The Slice Girls" - On the road again, Dean returned to one night stands. His passionate time with Lydia became a real life nightmare, but still gave us an unobstructed study of his, uh, tattoo.  



6. 10.01 "Black" - Like SoullessSam, Dean's time with a blackened soul led to unabashed one night stands. He may have had a good time in bed, but DemonDean couldn't admit (or didn't feel?) any emotional connection with the waitress, Anne Marie. We couldn't help feeling sorry for both of them, but we are eternally grateful for the shirtless debate Dean had with Crowley afterward!  

10.01 0257 demon dean in bed

10.01 0269

10.01 0302

10.01 Dean Smirk 0311

10.01 0333 deans back

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