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Think you know #Supernatural? Let's put all that time spent rewatching 327 hours of heart stopping broments to the test! Below are three questions to ponder for a few days. These aren't trivia questions that ask for impossibly hard details you never notice because you are holding your breath in terror and/or staring at the fiendishly good looks of our heroes as they battle evil. No, these answers are probably buried deep in your mind. The fun is slowly liberating all that SPNFamily knowledge, consciously or subconsciously, over several days. In other words, we're giving you an excuse to think about Supernatural day and night (like you need another excuse to do that!)!

Think about them when you are on a long walk.

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Think about them on those long, backroads road trips.

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Think about them when you're drifting off to sleep at night. 

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Jot answers down on your phone, computer, hunter's journal, or any little sticky note you keep handy. 

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Whenever you call if quits, add up all your points and see how you did! Don't Worry: Hints are generously supplied to help you get started! 

Since this is a special edition of Supernatural Brainteasers, all three questions involve Dean's sex scenes, presented in different ways. Consequently, you may wish to jot down a list of all of Dean's sexiest moments, then divide up your answers to match the categories of each question. Keep your list handy, though, because this is only PART 1 of Sexy Dean brainteasers. PART 2 will follow with a challenge to remember the many times Dean appeared shirtless but was not anticipating, engaged in or fondly recovering from a night with the ladies. "SHIRTLESS scenes" will be the topic of The WFB's next brainteaser!

However you go about remembering Dean's happy times, your lunch hour at work may not be the best place to launch the answer pages! I believe in providing LOTS of pictures to justify the game's points! You have been warned!

Brainteaser #1 (Difficulty Level: Medium)


Even though many fans watched Supernatural because of the brothers' good looks, one could never accuse the show of being overly gratuitous. Dean may have been the "Drifter's Christmas, love the one you're with" brother, but I only found 4 times when he was actually shown "loving the one he was with." Twice more we can assume what happened from the morning after bedroom scene. Name the 6 situations/episodes when Dean was seen shirtless with a lover

Total Possible Points: 6

Brainteaser #2 (Difficulty Level: Hard)


While sex scenes with Dean were rare, we often heard Dean's pick up lines and hopeful advances. Name the 2 episodes or situations when we knew what was about to happen, but the lights went out while Dean was still dressed, with more promised to come behind closed doors. 

Total Possible Points: 2

Brainteaser #3 (Difficulty Level: Hard)


Sometimes Dean's exploits were implied, not by watching him turn up the heat, but rather by his "morning after" glow. Name the 3 episodes or partners when we saw Dean smiling after what we had to assume was a pleasantly eventful date. 

Total Possible Points: 3


Total Possible Points: 11 plus extra credit

Perfect Score: 11+ Supernatural Aficionado! Clearly I need to make harder games! Fess up: How long did it take you to get them all right?

Supernatural Expert - 9 to 10

Supernatural Authority - 6 to 8

Supernatural Fan in Training - 0 to 5. You may be the smartest player in all categories because your homework is to watch more Supernatural

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