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Brainteaser #4 Answers

Name 4 episodes or situations when Sam's shirtless body upstaged the rest of the story. 

1. 1.17 "Hell House" - A young Sam wasn't at all modest about showing off his well toned body after a shower. 


1.17 0890

Is that towel actually falling lower??


I think I'm blushing.

2. 15.20 "Carry On" - Purposely bookending the series, Sam reprised his shirtless shower scenes for fans in the finale. His face had aged 15 years and he had lived a lifetime of pain and sorrow, but the man still looked as buff as ever!

SPN1520 HLC 0026 

SPN1520 HLC 0032

Technically, there are two more shirtless scenes for Sam. One is when he is stitching himself up after a gun shot wound in 3.11 "Mystery Spot", and a second time when he's remembering horrific torture in Hell in 11.02 "Form and Void".  Those pictures are gruesome and bloody - a different mood entirely! If you're interested, you can check them out in our episode photo galleries at the links provided and give yourself 2 extra credit points for naming them. They just completely spoiled the pretty so I'm choosing to let you look for yourself! 


Total Possible Points: 14 plus extra credit

Perfect Score: 14+ Supernatural Aficionado! Clearly I need to make harder games! Fess up: How long did it take you to get them all right?

Supernatural Expert - 12 to 13

Supernatural Authority - 9 to 11

Supernatural Specialist - 6 to 8

Supernatural Fan in Training - 0 to 5. You may be the smartest player in all categories because your homework is to watch more Supernatural

How did you do? Did any questions stump you, or remind you of great moments in Supernatural's history?  Please share in the comments below, then give equal time to big bro Dean with Sexy Dean's Brainteaser Edition!

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