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Brainteaser #1 Answers

Name 8 episodes or situations where a shirtless Sam succumbing to sensual desires was either explicitly shown or implied.

1. 2.17 "Heart" - It occurred in the show's second season, but arguably nothing before or after was as romantic as Sam's night with Madison.  


SPN 1026

2. 4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" - Still in its infancy, Supernatural's hottest scene for Sam occurred in a season 4 flashback with Ruby.

vlcsnap 00123

vlcsnap 00124

3. 4.14 "Sex and Violence" -  Appropriately named, season 4's heat extended to Sam's office visit with Dr. Cara Roberts. 

SV 130

4. 5.03 "Free to Be You and Me" - Sam's light-hearted spontaneity was nowhere to be found in season 5, when Sam's loving dream of being in bed with Jessica turned into a nightmare. 

SPN 0010

5. 6.03 "The Third Man" - There may not have been any love involved for Sam, but fans sure appreciated SoullessSam's one night stand with Lana. 


6. 6.09 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe" - Soulless Sam was the gift that kept on giving as his hippie friend, Sparrow Jennings, showed him the meaning of "free love". 


7. 8.10 "Torn and Frayed" - Two years later, Sam's love life had turned from fun to frayed. It wasn't the most popular relationship, but Sam was truly in love with Amelia.

SPN 0493

8. 12.02 "Mama Mia" - Things went downhill from there, as Sam had another calamitous nightmare/drug-induced hallucination, this time of an evening with Lady Toni Bevell. The situation couldn't have been more different than his time with Madison, but tens years after his first shirtless-in-the-sheets scene, Sam still looked as steamy as ever. 

12.02 0012 Bed

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