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Think you know #Supernatural? Let's put all that time spent rewatching 327 hours of heart stopping broments to the test! Below are four questions to ponder for a few days. These aren't trivia questions that ask for impossibly hard details you never notice because you are holding your breath in terror and/or staring at the fiendishly good looks of our heroes as they battle evil. No, these answers are probably buried deep in your mind. The fun is slowly liberating all that SPNFamily knowledge, consciously or subconsciously, over several days. In other words, we're giving you an excuse to think about Supernatural day and night (like you need another excuse to do that!)!

Think about them when you have to wait for a friend for a very long time.

SPN1520 HLC 0017

Think about them on those long, backroads road trips.

5.22 Baby on the Road

Think about them when you're drifting off to sleep at night. 

s11e11 53 Sam in bed

Jot answers down on your phone, PC, hunter's journal, or any little sticky note you keep handy. 


Whenever you call if quits, add up all your points and see how you did! Don't Worry: Hints are generously supplied to help you get started! 

Since this is a special edition of Supernatural Brainteasers, all 4 questions involve the sexy, sculpted physique Sam hides under too many layers of hunter flannel. Consequently, you may wish to list all of Sam's sexiest scenes, then divide up your answers to match the categories of each question. However you go about remembering Sam's best moments, your lunch hour at work may not be the best place to launch the answer pages! I believe in providing pictures, pictures, and more pictures to justify the game's points! You have been warned!

Brainteaser #1 (Difficulty Level: Hard)


Even though many fans watched Supernatural because of the brothers' good looks, one could never accuse the show of being overly gratuitous. In 15 years, there weren't many "clothing optional"  scenes with either Sam or Dean, but the few times we caught them with their passing love interests were certainly memorable!  Name 8 episodes or situations where fans were treated to a shirtless Sam succumbing to sensual desires that were either explicitly shown or implied by morning-after pillow talk. For this question, Sam must be bare chested. 

Total Possible Points: 8

Brainteaser #2 (Difficulty Level: Medium)

SPN 0478

On occasion, Sam's sexual encounters were only implied with passionate preludes or the "this is complicated" bedroom conversations, both of which took place when Sam was clothed. Name 3 episodes, partners or situations (however you remember the moments) when Sam was dressed but had clearly taken time off from the family business to engage in some funny business. 

Total Possible Points: 3

Brainteaser #3 (Difficulty Level: Medium)

9.05 Motels copy cr

Phew! So far, Sam's sex scenes were either center stage for our entertainment or implied for story context, but there was one time when we really had to use our imaginations because Sam wasn't even in the scene! It was clear he had been caught in the act from awkward moments and panicked pleas, but we didn't actually see him at all. Name that PG rated playtime.   

Total Possible Points: 1

Brainteaser #4 (Difficulty Level: Medium)


Need a cold shower yet?

Speaking of showers, a shirtless Sam didn't always mean Sam was practicing his night moves. Sometimes it just meant fans were the ones getting lucky with a scene or two of Sam before he donned those 3 layers of hunter plaid. Name 4 memorable episodes or situations when Sam was shirtless but there were NO sexual exploits involved.  Hint: 2 scenes involved showers. 2 extra credit points are possible for scenes that were less... pleasant. 

Total Possible Points: 2 + 2 extra credit

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Brainteaser #1 Answers

Name 8 episodes or situations where a shirtless Sam succumbing to sensual desires was either explicitly shown or implied.

1. 2.17 "Heart" - It occurred in the show's second season, but arguably nothing before or after was as romantic as Sam's night with Madison.  


SPN 1026

2. 4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer" - Still in its infancy, Supernatural's hottest scene for Sam occurred in a season 4 flashback with Ruby.

vlcsnap 00123

vlcsnap 00124

3. 4.14 "Sex and Violence" -  Appropriately named, season 4's heat extended to Sam's office visit with Dr. Cara Roberts. 

SV 130

4. 5.03 "Free to Be You and Me" - Sam's light-hearted spontaneity was nowhere to be found in season 5, when Sam's loving dream of being in bed with Jessica turned into a nightmare. 

SPN 0010

5. 6.03 "The Third Man" - There may not have been any love involved for Sam, but fans sure appreciated SoullessSam's one night stand with Lana. 


6. 6.09 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe" - Soulless Sam was the gift that kept on giving as his hippie friend, Sparrow Jennings, showed him the meaning of "free love". 


7. 8.10 "Torn and Frayed" - Two years later, Sam's love life had turned from fun to frayed. It wasn't the most popular relationship, but Sam was truly in love with Amelia.

SPN 0493

8. 12.02 "Mama Mia" - Things went downhill from there, as Sam had another calamitous nightmare/drug-induced hallucination, this time of an evening with Lady Toni Bevell. The situation couldn't have been more different than his time with Madison, but tens years after his first shirtless-in-the-sheets scene, Sam still looked as steamy as ever. 

12.02 0012 Bed

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Brainteaser #2 Answers

Name 3 times when Sam's exploits were obvious, but he was dressed. 

1. 3.10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - Being caught in a sex dream about Bela Talbot? How embarrassing! 

3.10 0327 Sam Bella Sex Dream

2. 6.13 "Unforgiven" - SoullessSam at it again, but this time his flashback only went as far as checking each other out on the bathroom sink. 
 6.13 0261 Sam Sex Flashback

3. 8.06 "Southern Comfort" - Guess it must have been cold in that motel room because Sam seemed comfy, if not entirely happy, in his white tee with Amelia. 

SPN 0545

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Brainteaser #3 Answers

Name the one time that Sam wasn't shown on screen at all while breaking his rule about one night stands.  

spn1104 0414

11.04 "Baby"
- We may not have seen so much as a silhouette of Sam, but his backseat tryst with waitress Piper was one of the happiest times for the otherwise serious lover boy.   


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Brainteaser #4 Answers

Name 4 episodes or situations when Sam's shirtless body upstaged the rest of the story. 

1. 1.17 "Hell House" - A young Sam wasn't at all modest about showing off his well toned body after a shower. 


1.17 0890

Is that towel actually falling lower??


I think I'm blushing.

2. 15.20 "Carry On" - Purposely bookending the series, Sam reprised his shirtless shower scenes for fans in the finale. His face had aged 15 years and he had lived a lifetime of pain and sorrow, but the man still looked as buff as ever!

SPN1520 HLC 0026 

SPN1520 HLC 0032

Technically, there are two more shirtless scenes for Sam. One is when he is stitching himself up after a gun shot wound in 3.11 "Mystery Spot", and a second time when he's remembering horrific torture in Hell in 11.02 "Form and Void".  Those pictures are gruesome and bloody - a different mood entirely! If you're interested, you can check them out in our episode photo galleries at the links provided and give yourself 2 extra credit points for naming them. They just completely spoiled the pretty so I'm choosing to let you look for yourself! 


Total Possible Points: 14 plus extra credit

Perfect Score: 14+ Supernatural Aficionado! Clearly I need to make harder games! Fess up: How long did it take you to get them all right?

Supernatural Expert - 12 to 13

Supernatural Authority - 9 to 11

Supernatural Specialist - 6 to 8

Supernatural Fan in Training - 0 to 5. You may be the smartest player in all categories because your homework is to watch more Supernatural

How did you do? Did any questions stump you, or remind you of great moments in Supernatural's history?  Please share in the comments below, then give equal time to big bro Dean with Sexy Dean's Brainteaser Edition!

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