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Welcome one and all to a new WFB game! 

For those of you who haven’t seen “Um... Actually” on youtube, this is a fun game format where I, your host, will make a statement deliberately wrong, and you know-it-all Supernatural fans get to rush in and correct my error! Now to let you know the rules, I promise that I will only make statements which are verifiable facts within the show. There won’t be anything here relating to debatable points of canon or relationships or feelings unless such was made explicitly clear within the show. 

Also, as a courtesy to other players, I humbly ask participants employ the spoiler tags around your answers in the comments below.

For an example, I might make a statement like: 

0. Dean’s favorite food is cake.

Now you, knowing exactly how wrong I am, will write in the comments: 

<spoiler> 0. Um actually, Dean really loves his PIE. </spoiler> 

Or however you want to express it! The only real rule here is to have fun!

For our first round, I'm going to start you off easy. Each of these statements has only ONE wrong thing about them. Catch it, for 1 point each, for a total of 5 possible points. 

  1. Supernatural was created by Earl Kripke and debuted in 2005 on The WB network. 
  2. Supernatural stars Tom Welling and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester respectively. 
  3. In the pilot, Sam was living with his wife Jessica when Dean came back into his life. 
  4. Kripke ran the show until season seven when Sera Gamble took over as showrunner. 
  5. Season 5 saw the debut of the boys’ on-again/off-again demonic ally, Crowley, played by Mike Sheppherd. 

You may write your answers in the comments below, or hold them until the end. Continue on to Round 2 on the next page by hitting *NEXT*!