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Answers to Brainteaser #4: Name the 17 occasions when someone other than Dean (and Sam) drove the Impala.

  1. According to Impala - Super-wiki (, Sam drove Baby in 42 episodes. (plus Carry On?)
  2. Andy Gallagher in 2.15, when he Jedi mind tricked Dean
  3. Bobby in 4.06 "Yellow Fever" to kill the ghost
  4. Bobby in 5.01 "Sympathy for the Devil", to meet the brothers at the hotel
  5. Teenager Gary, while Body Swapped with Sam in 5.12 "Swap Meat"
  6. Meg in 7.23 "Survival of the Fittest", as a distraction during the attack on Dick Roman and Sucrocorp
  7. Young hunter, Tracy Bell in 9.02 "Devil May Care", gets the Impala in preparation for a fight with Abaddon. 
  8. Gadreel steals the Impala while possessing Sam in 9.10 "Road Trip" 
  9. Dark Charlie Bradbury steals the Impala in 10.11 "There's No Place Like Home"
  10. Jessie the Car Hop in "Baby" 11.04
  11. The mother monster, Lily Markham, when she steals Baby in 11.04
  12. The father monster, Deputy Donelly, steals Baby in 11.04
  13. Rowena in 12.11 "Regarding Dean", when Dean loses his memory and Sam gets kidnapped by witches
  14. The Wild Elk Lodge Car Hop in 12.16 "Ladies Drink Free"
  15. Kelly Kline in 12.19 "The Future", to escape Sam and Dean
  16. A mobster in 13.15 "A Most Holy Man" but we don't see the guy actually drive the car 
  17. Jack Kline in 14.07 "Unhuman Nature" when Dean is teaching Jack how to drive
  18. The teenager Max in 14.13 "Lebanon" 

Extra Credit: Young John Winchester/Lucifer drove Baby in Sam's dream in 11.04 "Baby"

11x04John     normal Baby 198

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