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Answers to Brainteaser #3: Name the 7 groups who regularly lived and worked together in Sam's and Dean's world. 

13.23 0012
  1. John Winchester's Family - Young/Teen Sam, Young/Teen Dean and John. Mary took John's place once she was resurrected.
  2. Team Free Will - Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack
  3. The Campbell Family - Deanna, Samuel and Mary (as a teen) 
  4. Samuel Campbell's Extended Family - Gwen, Christian, Mark and Johnny 
  5. The Wayward Family - Jody, Donna, Patience, Claire and Alex
  6. Sam's AU Hunters who left the Apocalypse Universe and trained together in the bunker
  7. Victor Rogers' "Family" - Krissy Chambers, Aiden and Josephine Barnes (8.18 "Freaks and Geeks")

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