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Answers to Brainteaser #1: Name the 8 psychics whose powers were put to good use in the quest to save people and hunt things.

SPN 0465

Good Psychics: 
  1. Sam Winchester
  2. Missouri Moseley 
  3. Andy Gallagher
  4. Pamela Barnes
  5. Patience Turner
  6. Fred Jones (8.08 "Hunteri Heroici")
  7. Oliver Pryce (10.17 "Inside Man")
  8. Sunny Harrington (14.15 "Peace of Mind") 

Note: Kate Fox (7.07 "The Mentalist") was a deceased psychic who tried to warn victims that they were targeted for death, but her warnings emanated from her powers as a ghost rather than her human, psychic powers. 

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