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Show Affiliate - Job 

Bob Singer - Executive Producer, Director, Writer 
Serge Ladouceur - Director of Photography 
Sera Gamble - Writer, Showrunner
Eric Kripke - Showrunner, Writer
Kevin Parks - 1st Assistant Director, Director 
Jim Michaels - Co-Executive Director 
Clif Kosterman - Bodyguard, Driver for Jared and Jensen

Total Possible Points: 100

Perfect Score: Supernatural Aficionado! Clearly I need to make harder games! How long did it take you to get them all right?

Supernatural Expert: 80-99

Supernatural Authority: 60-79

Supernatural Specialist: 40-59

Supernatural Fan in Training: 10-39  You may be the wisest player of all because your homework is to watch more Supernatural

Supernatural Novice: 0-9 No worries! We all have to start somewhere. Get that streaming/DVR going! 

How did you do? Did any questions stump you, or remind you of great moments in Supernatural's history?  Please share in the comments below!

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