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Welcome to Match Game - The Supernatural Way! It's a quick and easy little game to test your knowledge of Supernatural. Just match up an episode from the first column to the various categories from the second column.  Try it out and have fun!


1) Home

A) “Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one drop out with six bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. It's awesome.”

2) Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

B) Ava Wilson is introduced

3) The Song Remains the Same

C) Bobby’s alive in the alternate world

4) It’s A Terrible Life

D) The Amulet returns

5) Hunted

E) Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

6) Heartache

F) Paterson, New Jersey

7) All Along the Watchtower

G) Bela Talbot meets her end.

8) Paper Moon

H) Episode was directed by Jensen Ackles

9) Don’t Call Me Shurley

I) “I'm gonna do a public service and, uh, let you know that-that you over-share.”

10) Time Is On My Side

J) Haunting by an evil poltergeist

Bonus Question: From which episode did we pull the header picture?