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This week's rerun we have a couple of reunions. Castiel and Jimmy Novak's daughter Claire. Crowley and his Mother. And Dean and the MOC. Are you ready to have some fun and play Trivia.

Be honest with yourself! Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed.

Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 16. Let us know how you did!


1 What was the name of the facility(Halfway Home) that Claire was returned too?

2 What was the name of the facilities Head Counselor?

3 What upsetting news did Castiel relay to Claire?

4 What City and State did Claire reside in?

5 What was Dean watching on his laptop?

6 What did Sam bring Dean to eat?

7 What other Supernatural episode and character did actress Jennifer Copping portray in?

8 What did Rowena's cellmate first call her?

9 What was the name of the restaurant that Castiel and Claire dined at?

10 Where did Dustin work?

11 What famous club did Dean sneak into when he was a teenager?

12 What two bands got their start in the same Club?

13 What did Claire and Dean both agree was a vegetable?

14 What was the name of the magazine that Castiel was buying Claire?

15 What was the name of the shop that Claire was going to rob?

16 What did Dean order at the bar for Sam, Cas and himself?


1 Youth Transition Center

2 Sandy Phelan

3 Claire's father Jimmy Novak had perished and was now in Heaven

4 Pontiac, Illinois

5 The Three Stooges

6 A grill cheese sandwich

7 A Very Supernatural Christmas - Mrs Caldwell

8 Braveheart

9 Sharkey's

10 The Wiener Hut

11 CBGB's

12 The Ramones and Blondie

13 Ketchup

14 'buzzed Teen Magazine'

15 'snak-n-sip'

16 Three Whiskey's

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What was the name of the facility(Halfwa y Home) that Claire was returned too?
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What did Dean order at the bar for Sam, Cas and himself?