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1 St. Agatha's Hospital

2 Dean is 'O' type blood

3 Star Brite Drive-In

4 Jensen Ackles

5 Four

6 Margiekugel's

7 It was named after Jerry Wanek's mom! Combined with a local Wisconsin beer Linenkugel!

8 Five times

9 Adina

10 "I Believe In The Children" - Amber Greer

11 A skeleton head

12 Shots (needles)

13 'Hey Champ, look at you. Talk about road kill'

14 The effects of the sigils/devil's traps weakened as he became more human.

15 Sam was going to get drunk

16 Castiel


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What is the name of the Drive-in that Cas and Hannah pull over in front of?
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