Wow what an episode! I just loved it. I think Crowley's going to regret letting Rowena go free. He should have had her turned into a hamster and caged next to Olivette.

So are you ready to play some Trivia?

Are you up for a little hunter's research? How good are your powers of observation?

Here's your chance to test your knowledge and have some fun!

Be honest with yourself! Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed.

There are several multi-part answers this week! Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 30. Let us know how you did!



1 How many candles were on the table during the séance?

2 What was the book that Bobby was reading?

3 What was the name of the bartender?

4 What names did Dean call Crowley and Rowena?

5 What decor was part of Crowley's drink at the bar?

6 What was the room number that Bobby needed to open?

7 How many hours earlier did it reference after the opening scene?

8 What were the three pranks Dean performed in Sam's room?

9 What was used to contact Bobby during the séance?

10 What was the name of the Psychic? (the freebie of the week)

11 What was the name of the beer that Dean was drinking in the bar?

12 How did Dean say he slept, when Sam asked?

13 How many times did Dean call out Sam's name during his nightmare?

14 How old was Oliver in the poster on his wall?

15 What was the name listed after Sam's on the call list of Dean's phone?

16 What nick names did Metatron call Sam and Castiel?

17 What did Crowley say to Rowena when she showed up all cut up and bleeding?

18 Who were 'Surly'?

19 What expression was referenced in honour of the late Kim Manners?

20 Who said 'Learn it, live it, love it'?


1 Six

2 sTori Telling by Tori Spelling (2 points)

3 Donnie

4 Boris and Natasha ( Rocky and Bullwinkle Cartoon) (2 points)

5 An umbrella, a red straw and a pitch fork stir stick garnished with a lime wedge and blackberry. (5 points)

6 Room 42 (Forty - two)

7 '24 Hours Earlier'

8 Rubbing his butt on Sam's pillow, Taping down the phone receiver (I actually did this to a co-worker years ago, such fond memories), rubbing Sam's toothbrush under his armpit (3 points)

9 Bobby's baseball hat

10 Oliver Pryce

11 El Burro (Spanish for 'The Donkey', is also a character in Grand Theft Auto)

12 'Like a drunk baby'

13 Three times

14 Ten years old

15 Sandra D.

16 Samtastic and Asstiel (2 points)

17 'Rough date Mother?'

18 All the escaped  Bobbys in Heaven

19 'Kick it in the ass'

20 Metatron (to Sam and Castiel) and Sam (back to Metatron) (2 points)