You've watched Supernatural's mid-season finale a dozen times already. You rewound, and replayed, and then started all over again. You must have it memorized by now...right?? So let's test your knowledge! How much do you really know about "The Executioner's Song"?

Some of these answers will be important in future episodes, while some weren't even important in this episode! Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed. Perfect Score this week is 19. Let us know how you did!
Those that share their answers will be entered in a drawing to win the audio book of Mythical, Book 1 of the Stone Soldiers collection from our sponsor, C.E. Martin. The entire series is inspired by "Supernatural".  You don't even have to get them all right!  

Questions for Episode 10.14 - "The Executioners Song"

1 What was painted on the Reynolds' barn door?

2 What was to happen 'Two weeks from Tuesday'?

3 What was Austin Reynolds date of birth?

4 Who is Olivette?

5 What was the name of the prison facility?

6 Where did Castiel interrogate the demon?

7 What potion was used to trick Cain?

8 What electronic game was Crowley playing? Bonus point if you can provide what product name was inscribed on the game.

9 Who was not 'on Cain's List'?

10 What did Sam notice when Dean was watching the prison surveillance tape?

11 What did the guard do each time he checked on an inmate?

12 What did Cain pick up while talking to Castiel at the grave site?

13 What did Tommy's have tattooed on his arm?

14 What was Rowena's description of Crowley as a child?

15 In what state did Castiel meet up with Cain?

16 How many days was Dean going to sleep for?


Answers for Episode  10.14 - "The Executioners Song"

1 The American Flag

2 Tommy Toliver's execution

3 February 17, 2003

4 The witch who led the charge against Rowena

5 Allen B. Polunsky Unit Maximum Security Prison (note: this is an actual prison facility)

6 An abandoned school

7 Rune of Amaranth

8 Chess game (one point)
 'Excalibur - LCD Chess Express' (one bonus point)

9 Castiel and Crowley (One point for either answer; two points for both correct answers!)

10 Sam noticed Dean clasping the MOC scar

11 He tapped his club twice against the wall

12 A teddy bear

13 A bull's head and barbed wire (one point for each part of the answer)

14 'A chunky child, bit of a bloater'

15 Illinois

16 Four days

How did you do?? Did you see any other "trivial" details you think will need to be remembered?