Supernatural you say is your favourite show.

But how much would you say you really know.

What if I was to recite only a line or two.

Could you guess the episode, is it enough of a clue?

Game Seven

1) “ Wow! Watch out for evil lunch ladies.”

2) “What’d you find out?”
     “I’m sorry.”

3) "Castiel, bet you're not happy to see me."
     "Is anyone? Ever?"

4) "Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?"

Game Seven Answers


1) 7-14 Plucky Pennywhistles

2) 1-12 Faith

3) 9-22 Stairway to Heaven

4) 6-20 The Man Who Would be King

Game Eight


1) “All right, open it”
    “ You open it!”
    “ Wuss!”

2) “Now I’d actually like to see all the suicides that came in this week, not just Dr. Giggles”

3) "Kind of funny, don't you think? You and me sitting here like a couple of regular folk."

4) “Don’t compare us to that wall of crazy.”

Game Eight Answers


1) 2-3 Bloodlust

2) 6-6 You Can't Handle the Truth

3) 3-4 Sin City

4) 7-7 The Mentalists