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Game Twelve

1) "What about Chicago?"
    "I suppose it can stay. I like the pizza."

2) "Oh, they grow up so fast. Don't they?"
     "Yeah, joke all you want."

3) "Dean, you're enjoying that way too much, it's kind of making me uncomfortable."

4) "All right. Let's gear up. It's wabbit season."
     " I don't think you pronounced that correctly."


# cheryl42 2015-03-08 18:02
since I won the last prize I am doing this for fun.
1) The Monster at the end of this Book
3) Dog Dean Afernoon
4) The French Mistake

1) Two minutes to midnight
2) ?
3)Meet the new Boss
4) Hunter Herioci

I knew Meet the new Boss was wrong. So how did I do? Not too good :)
# njspnfan 2015-03-08 18:18
Game Eleven

1 - The Monster at the End of the Book
2 - Survival of the Fittest
3 - Dog Dean Afternoon
4 - The French Mistake

Game Twelve

1 - Two Minutes to Midnight
2 - Alex Annie Alexis Ann
3 - House of the Holy
4 - Hunteri Heroici
# Alice 2015-03-14 22:15
Congrats njspnfan! You win our prize for Stone Soldiers: Mythical on audiobook. Send me a message on Contact Us for the download code or I can also try the email I have on file. Thanks for playing!