I pulled out four more episode titles from my trusty Tupperware container and put my thoughts on each.

What are your thoughts on the following episodes? Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?  And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?  Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.


I liked this episode with the "Sixth Sense" shout out, where Molly is oblivious to the fact that she has passed on. The scene that stands out for me is when she finds out the truth from a sympathetic Sam (I loved the connection between her and Sam) that she had died in the car accident fifteen years earlier and that her husband, David, had survived but has moved on with his life. It was kind of sad to watch Molly hesitantly walking into the light, wanting so much to be with David but having to accept her own destiny.

"The Rapture" 

With this episode, it was hard to pick out just one moment or scene. There are two situations that stayed and haunted me.

First was Dean's realization of just how bad things had gotten with Sam as he watched in horror as his brother drank the demon's blood. How quiet and despondent he was during the car ride as Sam tried so hard to get some reaction out of Dean.

 vlcsnap 00266

Sam: "All right, let's hear it."
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "Drop the bomb, man! You saw what I did. Come on, stop the car, take a swing."
Dean: "I'm not gonna take a swing."
Sam: "Then scream! Chew me out!"
Dean: "I'm not mad, Sam."
Sam: "Come on. You're not mad?"
Dean: "No."
Sam: "Right! Look, at least let me explain myself."
Dean: "Don't! I don't care!"
Sam: "You don't care."
Dean: "What do you want me to say? That I'm disappointed? Yeah, I am, but mostly I'm just tired, man. I'm done. I am just done." 

Secondly is Jimmy's story. All he wanted to do was honour his faith in God by saying "Yes" to Castiel, and he lost everything, including his wife and daughter.

To watch him plead with Castiel to take him instead of his daughter as he lay dying on the warehouse floor was so heart-wrenching.

vlcsnap 00255

Claire/Cass: "Of course we keep our promises. Of course you have our gratitude. You served us well. Your work is done. It's time to go home now. Your real home. You'll rest forever in the fields of the Lord. Rest now, Jimmy."
Jimmy: " No! Claire?"
Claire/Cass: "She's with me now. She's chosen. It's in her blood, as it was in yours."
Jimmy: "Please! Castiel! Me! Just take me. Take me Please!"
Claire/Cass: "I want to make sure you understand. You won't die or age. If this last year was painful for you, picture a hundred, a thousand more like it."
Jimmy: " It doesn't matter. You take me. Just take me!"
Claire/Cass: "As you wish."

"The Real Ghostbusters" 

For this episode, I have two scenes that I favoured the most; both just happen to be at the end of the episode.

One is where Sam is talking to Chuck about him publishing further "Supernatural" Books.

Sam: "Chuck, if you really want to publish more books, I guess that's okay with us."
Chuck: "Wow! Really?"
Sam: "No! Not really. We have guns, and we'll find you."
Chuck: "Okay, okay. No more books."

I got such a kick out of Sam in that scene. 

The other was when Dean is saying goodbye to Demian and Barnes.

SPN 1151

Demian: "You're wrong, you know."
Dean: "Sorry?"
Demian: "About "Supernatural!" No offense, but I'm not sure you get what the stories are about."
Dean: "Is that so?"
Demian: "All right, look, in real life, he sells stereo equipment. I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean! To wake up every morning and save the world, to have a brother who would die for you. Well, who wouldn't want that?"
Dean: "Maybe you've got a point."

For Dean to have someone point out that his life and job was important and made a difference was something he really needed to hear. 


For this episode, the scene that stands out for me was after the brothers witness the hanging and the man in front of them turns and then comments on Dean's serape; "Nice blanket." The hurt and pouty (and adorable) face Dean made as he removed the serape, I just wanted to hug the poor boy.

It was kind of sad to see everything Dean idolized and fantasized about the Western era (The Clint Eastward clothing, the sexy saloon maids, being part of a posse, the whiskey) slowly be deflated one by one.

What are your favorite parts of these episodes?



# SecretWillow 2012-03-12 11:30
It would be near impossible for me to pick a favorite episode, there's so much to love, how could I narrow it down? But if someone twisted my arm and made me pick, I’d probably have to look in the direction of Roadkill. There is a moment in time, after Molly has seen the arsenal in the trunk, when everything clicked for me. When Dean said they were hunting ghosts, and Sam sort of half-turns between him and Molly with that bewildered little incredulous voice, “Don’t sugar coat it for her.” The deep nature of the boys’ relationship, the location they were at, the damp, cold, winter elements, the lighting of that road, the circumstances they were in, paired up with everything else that I had come to understand and appreciate about the series up to that point, all gears fell into place for me to pinpoint that as being the moment when I completely and irrevocably, fell in love with this show.

The Rapture--Probab ly the fight in the pantry when Jimmy was trying to hide his family from his possessed friend. It’s heartbreaking. Secondly, Castiel explaining to Jimmy when he was dying what would happen to him if he remained the vessel. And then the overwhelming light as Cas passed from Claire back into Jimmy. So powerful. And once again, heart wrenching. I still cry at that scene.

The Real Ghostbusters--T here’re several here. 1) The scene in the lobby when Sam and Dean first show up at the hotel and they’re seeing all these hideous depictions from their past turned into something fun that was bringing all these people together. 2) When the girl who was portraying Laticia Gore was scolding the boys and her cell phone goes off. That ring tone cracks me up. 3) And the little boy in the attic showing off his scalped head. Eeesh.

Frontierland--T he gun fight at the end, and the whole scene in the saloon when the boys first walk in. “This is not awesome.” And the fact that I can’t hear the episode title without thinking of Andy in When All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1. “I can’t calm down. I just woke up in freaking Frontierland.†
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2012-03-12 21:01
These are excellent choices.

Roadkill breaks my heart because Molly spends so much time trying to hide from the truth. She's buried it from herself so much that she can't see that she doesn't belong, that she's replaying the same death over and over. It's a shame. And I always feel bad for her when the brothers have to finally convince her to let go.

The Real Ghostbusters is a real treat for me. It gives us the chance as fans to be included in an elaborate inside joke. I have to agree with Damien and Barnes, that as hard as Sam and Dean's lives are, there is merit and worth in what they pursue. I think Dean needs to hear this again and remember that not all is lost and that he can and does bring good to the world.

As for Frontierland, the whole episode is an absolute joy. The "posse magnet" fight, complete with Sam's full on bitch face is priceless. I, too, hear Andy in my head whenever I merely here the title. It's such a nice nod to that moment from season 2.
# Tina 2012-03-17 22:06
The first two episodes are not ones I like to rewatch but they are not bad by any means. And by making me think about "Roadkill" you just gave me some hope that we could see Bobby again without it ending tragically.
I watched "The Slice Girls" last night and wasn't sure if I would like Bobby to be there as a ghost. Well, Bobby as a ghost would be cool, but I don't think I could watch Sam and Dean having to burn all his books to destroy his spirit in the end.
But now I remember that there is another way. The reaper won't come back but as we saw in "Roadkill" (and maybe in "The Usual Suspects"?) the spirit can move on by it's own if he or she decides to let go. So Bobby could help the boys destroy the Leviathans and make sure they will be okay on their own and still move on to find the peace he deserves.
I would really like to see Bobby again but at this point in the story I'm not in favor of anyone getting resurrected. I don't think anyone is able to bring someone back from the dead without repercussions except Death and I don't see why he would do it. After all, that would be against the natural order.
Sorry, that wasn't about "Roadkill" at all. I hope you don't mind.

So, about the other episodes you picked.
The scene I remember best from "The Rapture" is the one where Jimmy pleaded with Cas to leave his daughter and pick him instead. While I was sad for Jimmy, I still really wanted Cas to get him back as his vessel.
"The Real Ghostbusters" was fun. I too like Sam's line at the end about publishing more books. It's the way he says it.
A scene in "Frontierland" that I could watch over and over again is where Sam and Dean are being all geeky over Samuel Colt's journal. It always makes me smile.