Name the Song and Artist

Supernatural has been known for the playing of Classic Rock.
Many beloved songs that have been listened to around the clock.
If I was to give just a line or two from songs used on the show.
Could you name the songs and artists? Is it enough for you to know?

1* "Down on the street where the faces shine.
      Floatin' around I'm a real low mind."

2* "Everybody's waving their fingers.
      And wonder why we're paranoid."

3*  "And if troubles ever trouble you. Don't run and hide.
      Cause if you ever need a friend. He'll be right there by your side."

4*  "She's been digging around, She's uncovering me.
      I would buy it all, but she gives it, she gives it for free."

5*  "Death comes driving I can't do nothing.
      Death goes, There must be something."