Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the ghosts when others will not, we're-
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
Stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the nightmare, we face the dread!
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the faceless--WE FACE THE DEAD!

In the haunted night, looking for the fight of our life
with the after-life!
When you trip and fall, into the super-natur-all
We're who you're gonna call,
cause we face them all! 

Now that you know the song, enjoy the word search!  

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# fanotheboyz 2011-03-26 12:00
oh no
# Courtney 2011-03-28 11:40
Awesome!! I get so excited when I see these. They help pass my time at work! Yay!!