“Hammer of the Gods”
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
Poor cop--I wonder what he was doing there, anyway? Weird goings-on to investigate? Why didn't any of his fellow officers follow up? Why did the tulip come back to life? Why do gods eat people, anyway? That's not nice!
The gods fight like children, are full of many ugly human frailties--vanity, foolishness, violence, cannibalism, cruelty, bullying, mine-is-bigger-than-yours, etc. It was really quite unattractive to watch! Gabriel shows up, surprised to see the Winchesters, and worried, since they know who he really is. Indeed, Dean threatens to out him if he doesn't help them free the hotel guests who are locked up as future meals.
Sorry to say, Gabe's attempt to steal the blood vials while romancing Kali doesn't work, and she ends up with his blood, too. Good try, Gabe, bad result, but she already knew the truth about you, anyway, so no matter what you did, you were up the creek. It bugged me that Sam, who was so upbeat and hopeful last week, wanted to throw their lot in with these terrible gods in case they COULD kill Lucifer. Dean was upset that Sam was so ready to throw in their lot with them. Gabe assured them that Lucifer was more powerful than any of these gods. I had no trouble believing that, given that the gods seemed to have only their own individual agendas at heart, with no hope of common ground! Quite frankly, given how powerful they are SUPPOSED to be, I felt that they were far too easily killed. Then again, what do I know? I didn't like them, and even though Lucifer is such a danger to the brothers, he was still more likable (and a far better actor, frankly), than those irritating gods! 
Poor Sam and Dean! They think they're in a nice place, but of course they're not--eyeballs in the soup, a guy's head on the silver plate--and THEY are, against their will, the guests of honor! How sad to hear Sam sound so different from last week--burnt out? Not sleeping? Dean enjoys the live peep show of the pair making out, but they just disappear! A man turns from elephant to man? The clerk Sam's chasing turns a corner and is simply gone? What IS this place?
"I got wings like Kotex." LOL! I laughed so hard at that line, but was so sad when Kali shoved that knife into Gabriel! I should have known it wasn't real, but it sure looked it! She is one weird, scary chick, and I have no idea what Gabe sees in her! She appears to have no real emotion, or at least no positive ones, yet he still cares so much about her. I was also trying to figure out if I disliked her because she seemed to be a terrible actress. 
Odd. I have to admit, too, that Kali's speech gave me much to ponder--the earth DOES have many religions, many different gods, yet Lucifer claims the earth is HIS, others think the earth is THEIRS, and all want to take it from the HUMANS! WTF? It's ours, leave us alone!
It's SO GREAT to see Dean back to his old self, giving this big, bluff speech to these gods who could kill him with one look if they wanted to! He casually pours a drink, calls them names, tells them he's going to help them kill the devil, bring him here, let the hostages go, we kill the devil together or you can eat me--literally! That was the brave, crazy Dean we all know and love--but the wondrous Sam from last week seemed to have retreated into his shell, and I missed him!
Then, DEAN gives the big speech to Gabriel in the Impala, ordering him to man up and face his brother--kill him, if necessary! Gabe insisted he can't do that, and all I could think was, DEAN, COULD YOU???? While I was thrilled to see the return of brave, confident Dean, the Sam of last week was no where to be seen. I missed him!
Trickster's final death at the hands of his brother was truly sad. I loved the Trickster, and that's who he will always be to me, a good-time guy who put those who deserved it in their places. I'm so proud of him for getting into the fight. Whether it was Dean's pep talk, his love of the icy Kali or both, he faced down Lucifer and told him he was on the side of the humans. In doing that, he signed his own death warrant, of course, but at least he went down fighting, and as Dean's kindred spirit, I doubt he wished for anything more. What's ironic here is that Gabriel used a trick that has fooled many other enemies, but not his big brother--who taught it to him! Surely Gabriel knew that? It couldn't have been easy to kill his own brother, but Lucifer did it, and with genuine sorrow. I will miss the character so much, because Richard Speight Jr. was hilarious, boisterous and so very funny. I hope they find some way to bring him back in season 6. Notice how very easily Lucifer dispensed with all the gods! Even though his meat suit is disintegrating, he's still the strongest son of a bitch in the valley!
Kielbasa, Gabe, REALLY? How cliche! Room 69? Even more so! Still, I laughed. I mostly laugh at porno films, which is why my husband never takes me to watch them. I wondered why Sam and Dean didn't seem more upset over Gabriel's death--or Dean didn't seem more proud of what he'd done at his urging.
Now, learning that they need two more rings, Sam is full of sarcasm: "That's all?" I ask again--where's last week's Sam? He blew his wad getting Dean back to his old self, and now Sam himself has lost his mojo? NO! I demand our old Sam back!
I give this episode extra kudos for ick factor! The severed arm, eye soup, Lucifer's bloodied arm going through the guy, the blood of all the dead gods as Lucifer massacred them, the guy's head on the platter, all that DISGUSTING mucus in the final scene, the buzzing flies--did I forget anything? GROOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS! Again, kudos to Richard Speight Jr. for his marvelous performance in this episode; he did Trickster/Gabriel proud! Standing ovation from me!
I liked this episode, didn't love it. The gods were annoying. Only Kali stood out as an individual, and I didn't care for her. That Gabriel gave his life while she remained alive didn't seem right. She didn't seem deserving of his love or anyone else's. Excellent performance from Mark Pellegrino once again. His quiet menace is amazing, and once he's onscreen, he lights it up. His scenes with Speight were electrifying, poignant, scary, and action packed. Compare that with the gods bickering, which bored me. I also enjoyed the desk clerk, Mercury, played by John Emmet Tracy. He had a clipped, concise way of delivering his lines that was especially creepy. 
As for the ending, which introduced us to our last Horseman, Pestilence, all I can say is, EWWWW! I am not a big fan of mucus, and there was way too much of it in that last few minutes—ALL OVER THE PLACE! When he sneezed in the proprietor's face, all over his glasses, I seriously wanted to hurl!
As for the flies, I used to have nightmares about them, and I swore to my mother there was one buzzing around my ear while I was trying to fall asleep! That scene of all those flies buzzing in Pestilence's car was so gross and brought back many unpleasant memories!
See you next week—maybe!
1.                  What did you think of this episode—and be honest!
2.                  Will you miss Richard Speight? Do you think he'll be back? Reminisce about your favorite moment with him.
3.                  What did you think of the gods?
4.                  What did you think of the elaborate hotel the gods set up to trap Sam and Dean? Do you think they needed to go to such lengths to get them?
5.                  Do you think, as I do, that Sam was behaving 180 degrees opposite the way he was last week? Were you as disappointed as I was?
6.                  Did you feel that Mark Pellegrino and Richard Speight gave amazing performances in this episode, or is it just me?