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"My Bloody Valentine"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
I had to watch this one three times before I was able to write about it. First, Famine was the creepiest MOTW we've had in a long time. With his brown-yellow teeth, leathery skin and pale pallor, I couldn't help but wonder why he would want to be in such poor health. Then again, I guess someone constantly hungry wouldn't look so good, right? Anyway, a major ick and kudos on Famine.
Speaking of ick, the two kids dining on each other by the fridge was a true gross-out for me, and we've seen doozies on SUPERNATURAL. Alice working a piece of Russell's flesh like gum between her mouth and fingers is a special stand-out. When Alice's roommate tells Sam Russell was dead save for "still chewing," I threw up in my mouth a bit, seriously. Well done, writers, will send you cleaning bill for my SUPERNATURAL blanket!
The amusing and chubby award goes to Cupid for his unwanted hugs, but he gets points detracted for revealing that John and Mary hated each other when they first met. Did they HAVE to throw in that those two, who we assumed were star-crossed lovers, had to be maneuvered by a Cupid to fall in love and create Sam and Dean because heaven decreed it? It was a real downer, and I prefer forgetting I heard it. Also, Dean kept staring down at his member, and I was wondering why. Funny how two humans and one angel found the excessive hugging embarrassing, huh? Dean punches Cupid, but doesn't want to discuss it with his concerned little brother. 
Notice how quickly Sam recognized Dean's out of character behavior; when his brother didn't eat or want to go out and have sex, he knew something was wrong, a far cry from what happened when Sam and a teenage boy switched bodies a few eps ago. I'm just sayin'! No rocks, please.
Adored the character of Dr, Corman, assumed it was paying homage to Roger Corman, the famous horror director. Nice, Kripke! The character was a honey, like Dean, I grew fond of him and was sorry to see him go. "Refrigerate after opening"? I will never again think of that phrased without remembering Tupperware filled with hearts and such. "Be my valentine?" from Dean to Sam as he passed over a real heart? Oh, boys, I HEART you two so much! "This place is a nexus of human reproduction," as Cas says? I was dying of laughter! Also hugely funny is Cas' constant ingestion of hamburgers, which eventually had to make Jimmy want to throw up! Didn't you want to cry a bit when Cas said, "This makes me so happy!" Didn't you also UNDERSTAND, especially those who also love burgers, or chocolate or anything to excess?
As everyone else is overcome with a killing hunger of some sort, Dean's appetites desert him. Unfortunately, Sam's urge for demon blood overwhelms him, and he asks Dean to be locked down. It upsets Dean to do so, but he doesn't mention Ruby or put any blame on Sam at all. Interesting that Cas' hunger is relatively benign while Dean just loses all of his, but Sam must be handcuffed to the plumbing and placed behind a heavy armoire. 
Waiting outside the hospital for the soul to be harvested from the dead doctor, Cas and Dean discuss why he hasn't been affected by Famine. Dean explains that when he wants something—sex, booze, food or a fight, he goes out and gets it. So you're saying you're well-adjusted? asks Castiel. No, just well-fed, smiles Dean. Does this explain away why Dean is unaffected? Sam is the exception that proves the rule—he can have as much demon blood he wants, but won't die from it, as Famine tells him later. Yet Famine places his hand on Dean's heart and feels nothing, hollowness, emptiness, and insists it's because Dean is already dead. 
I was thinking hard about that, because Dean is one of the FEELINGEST people I know. He hides it, yes, because chick-flick moments embarrass him, and since he doesn't want to deal with feelings, he pushes them down, away, where he doesn't have to. I maintain that what Famine found when he touched Dean's chest, Dean's HEART, was love, and let's face it, a creature like Famine, being as evil as he is, couldn't possibly touch or feel such an emotion. God wouldn't allow it. Nothing would permit it. So to Famine, that hollowness was death. How else would such a cruel, heartless, cancerous creature like Famine interpret love?    
As so happens, an episode has most of its funny moments in the first half, then turns deadly serious in the second. When the demon who had the soul in the briefcase returns empty-handed, Famine simply takes his, sucking him in like a giant vacuum cleaner.   When Sam refuses the demon blood later (I was SO relieved he didn't accept!), Famine gobbles them down instead; why waste good food?  LOL!
Sam, however, wouldn't give Famine the satisfaction of enjoying those five souls, and since he had the power to take them back, he did so. It took a lot of energy on his part (note the return of the bloody nose), but he did, and nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah to Famine, who told him, "I'm a Horseman, Sam, you have no power over me." "No," agreed Sam, "but I have power over THEM." 
I have no idea what happened to Famine after that. I was waiting for Dean to slice off the ring while all this was going on, but he seemed so totally stunned, his eyes about to pop out of his skull, he was incapable of doing much of anything. Since Castiel was no longer glomming burgers as they waited at Bobby's panic room door, listening to Sam's cries for help, I figured he was cured, but what Sam had done to make that happen, I don't know. 
What I do know is that Dean ended up outside, alone, teary eyes gazing upward, begging for help. He sounded defeated, miserable, scared, hopeless. Perhaps Famine was right? I have rarely seen Dean this way, holding onto the end of his rope with two fingers, but it always involves Sam. Last time Dean prayed, Castiel answered him; who will reply this time? Is it time for God to put in an appearance? 
Notes: How gross were the gross scenes in this ep? What was worse, the couple eating each other, literally, the guy dipping his hands in hot oil, or Sam biting into the woman's throat after slicing it with the shard of glass?
Did you enjoy it when Sam fought the male and female demons, then ordered one to "Wait your turn?"
Dean calls Cas "Happy Meal" and charges Famine with making people "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs"?
Did you cheer when Sam took the demons out of Famine?
Do you think it's funny that they named this episode after Jensen's movie of the same name?
Did you cry for Dean at the end of this episode, or was it just one more episode where Dean cries at the end?   Has Dean grown and learned over the past five years?    


# elle 2010-02-14 00:26
Great review, Robin. I agree wholly! And, I totally cried with Dean at the end. Actually, his plea here really reminded me of Home when he called John and asked him to come to Lawrence. He had the same lost desperation in his voice then. Only now, he's in a much worse place. Gah! Five weeks is too long!
# Randal 2010-02-14 05:40
I think the angels are merely high on hubris and narcissism, so honestly, I'm not sure if I buy the "I made Mary and John come together" bit. Out of all the angels, I'd wager that only Lucifer is the one who doesn't lie.

The intro worked wonderfully because the actors really sold the whole twentysomething lust thing and didn't play up some creepy serial killing cannibal gig.

As for the hole in Dean's soul, I think the horsemen CAN detect love (what's humanity's great counter to such evil BUT that?) but Famine simply realized how spent and broken Dean is, that he's running on fumes. Who's more evil than Lucifer, and he knows love, albeit quite a twisted form. :D

Some have speculated that he doesn't have his soul, and I certainly don't buy that. He's merely at wit's end. Cas once said that having faith is a good thing. I bet the Big Cheese was listening.
# tina 2010-02-14 07:43
I want to cry for Dean but couldnt does that sound awful. I mean I hurt for him but we have had 4 seasons of Deans pain that it doesnt affect me like it used to.
Sam had a big hole in him last season and look how he got treated by the writers , nobody cried for him .

I loved the episode by the way both Jared and Jensen sold this and was so delighted the way the brought back Sams addiction and Robin totally agree Famine was so creepy .
# AndreaW 2010-02-14 10:17
Tina, I DID cry for Sam last season and I agree with you that he's not been given enough attention from the witers, with exception of Sera Gamble. If you look carefully, her episodes are often Sam-based or, at least, they always give Jared some juicy material to work with, such as in The Song Remains The Same. I suspect she's a bit of a Samgirl. On the other hand, Ben Edlund's episodes are more centered on Dean.

But I did like it how My Bloody Valentine depicted Sam's desperate struggle against the addiction, his honesty with Dean and the resistance to Famine. I really think this episode did him justice. it's about time.

Most people are focusing on Dean's lack of a soul. I admit to having my eyes teary with him at the end too. But Sam's condition is every bit as sad. His yielding to the demon blood in the motel scene was painful to see, especially after all he struggled not to. The agonizing symptons and the horrible screams at the panic room were also heart-wrenching . Poor boys, I wonder how much more they can take.
# Jasminka 2010-02-14 13:58
Like you wonderfully pointed out, I will not read ‘refrigerate after opening’ again without thinking of that episode, either.

And, yes, I was a weeping mess in the end with Dean, and I also noticed a bitter thought entering my brain – come on, my dear, no one will answer that prayer. You are on your own.

Actually, I don’t get it that people seem to speculating whether Dean has a soul or not – is there any better proof of the existence of a soul than the kind of pain Dean is going through? He has come to the end of what he can take. The man has taken a lot, already, survived more than any of us would have, I bet. He needs a break, but the enemy is making it clear to be preparing to have the upper hand. And, at the moment, with Dean this desperate and Sam being an unstable factor in this chess game, it might just be that Lucifer, Michael and the others have some considerable advantage.

As for Sam and his demon blood issues – I loved to see how he was able to detect demons. Like a Jedi. What if he had control over it and everyone around him just freaks out at the thought but is not giving him a chance to prove that he can yield this weapon?
I have to admit, Sam slicing the first demon open and then turning to the other one reminded me of vampire stories I love, and I found it actually kind of sexy, albeit disturbing. The epitome of dark power. I’m quite curious how it will turn out for the brothers.

I’m beginning to understand, why Dean might say yes in the end (if we are to have the great confrontation in the end), but have no clear concept yet why Sam might do so. So, we’ll just have to wait. Did I ever mention I don’t like to wait?

Thanks for these rambles, dear! Jas
# Bevie 2010-02-14 14:06
Oh yes I cried for Dean at the end. But that doesn't mean I didn't cry for poor Sammy back in detox. They are both so very low and feeling defeated right now.

I look forward to the time they rediscover their formidable strengths as a team and work together (along with Cas) to defeat the wicked angels and demons alike.

Then I will be cheering for them and crying happy tears!

Kripke, I sincerely hope that is what you are aiming for. To bring them down so low that when they are on the way up they will devastate Luci & Michael et al with their united strengths and love for each other.

I want the bond between them to be back. After all, hasn't Kripke said this show is all about family? I hope he doesn't forget those words.
# JulieUK 2010-02-14 14:27
Couldn`t agree more Jas, of course he still must have a soul as how could anyone who is souless care as much as our boy.
I hope someone will answer him though and I hope it`s God as we have been promised he will turn up and this would be the time to do it.
Also when Sam is `clean` again Team Free Will will mutually support each other, as ,in spite of everything I think the bonds between them, especially between Sam and Dean, seem stronger than they have in a long time. Look how Sam asked for help when he knew he was in trouble this time.
As Sam said earlier this season "There is reason for hope". Have to believe that or how are we to get through the next 6 weeks.
# Jasminka 2010-02-14 14:33
I like your idea, Julie, of God choosing this opportunity to show up and leave his tortilla. Bring Him on, Kripke. Great idea, Julie, haven't thought of that so far.

I agree that the two are closer than they have been in a long time. We should not lose hope. I fear, the Winchesters have, in part, Dean is struggling hard...

By the way - I couldn't find that video on youtube, dear. I used the link you gave me, and they said it was taken off...

Cheers, Jas
# Narcissus 2010-02-14 22:01
Robin, I LOVE your interpretation of what Famine felt when he touched Dean. It makes so much sense, d'oh!

My heart breaks every time I see those boys crumble, but hulk!Sam is too hot, and weepy!Dean too lovable, that I'll take Sam hulking out and Dean crying his broken heart out any time!

I noticed one thing on my rewatch. When Sam got back from the happy meal couple's place, he walked into the motel room carrying food and a drink. And he was drinking! I mean it's hard enough to ever see Sam eating anything at all, and when Sam brings back food to the motel it's usually for Dean, but this time it was for him. Was that sneaky Edlund dropping us a clue?
# Bethany! 2010-02-15 06:39
I also gagged at the beginning bit .. i haven't been able to watch it again, just fast forwarded over that bit.

I agree with what most people are saying, if Dean were truely "dead inside" he wouldn't care, wouldn't be in so much pain. Yes he is broken, beaten, tired and holding on by a breath but he's still standing. One man can't do this all alone ...

Ben Edlund really does like to break Dean, doesn't he ... Nightshifter, OTHOAP and now this.
# Milly 2010-02-16 06:34
For me, sadly, Dean crying at the end was just one one more episode where Dean cries at the end. I think I'm pretty much oblivious to the Dean angst these days after drowning in it for so long. The Dean I love/loved is badass, dangerous, protective Dean. I wish he would come back. I miss him.
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2010-02-16 21:26
The badass, dangerous Dean is a man covering his marshmallow center. That's the only way he has been able to deal with the supernatural creatures he's been dealing with all his life. Since his father died and handed over the reins of Sam's possibly going dark-side to him, his responsibilitie s have grown exponentially, as has his angst. It's amazing Dean hasn't cracked before now. Now that we have gotten a sixth season, perhaps the Dean you love will return. He will reach rock-bottom and hopefully he and Sam will win the big confrontation at the end of season 5 and be able to get back his heart and dangerous, badass vibe next year.