The Real Ghostbusters…by Elle2
As with all SPN episodes I will watch it again but I'll admit my first impression regarding this episode is that it was pretty lame. I'm not one hundred percent sure about this new writer...but one time solo and one time I think working with Kripke does not give me a full glimpse. I thought the convention Q & A at the beginning went a bit long and I really wondered at Sam’s and Dean's motivation (oh, did I use that word?) for staying as long as they did until a scream and a ghost sighting. 
Having said that, there were many golden moments, yes, the view of all the shiny Impalas lined up, seeing the two geeks (or are they obsessed fans?) reciting dialogue and Dean and Sam saying, “I need a drink.” Dean telling Chuck, Good luck with the Supernatural books and screw you very much. Sam saying to Chuck… “No, not really, we have guns and we’ll find you.”
Then there were all the mirror moments…
The shot of a Sam impersonator *or is it LARPer* holding a homemade EMF and saying it’s going crazy that was mirrored later on by Sam saying the EMF is going crazy.
The shot of a shot of whiskey getting poured into Dean’s glass with Sam drinking a beer mirrored later by Damian/Dean getting a shot poured while Barnes/Sam has a beer.
Damian/Dean saying to the little boy that he’ll burn the ghost extra toasty to Dean saying he’ll burn her extra crispy.
Of course there’s the whole mirror shone on the fandom, from super-obsessed Becky, to fans dressing up, to merchandise everywhere, questions, questions and questions. The standouts to me was the ‘fan’ dressed as the Hookman. We’ve all read and heard of fans like these, the ones that profess their love but do nothing but criticize…how come they drop their weapons, how come Sam is so stupid with Ruby, creepy children again … I’m with you, Mr. Kripke, with fans like that…
There’s another interesting, and softer or gentler, mirror that gets shone on the fandom…relationships. Friendships are made, relationships are forged, the celebration of common interests and shared experiences. Even Dean saw the point in that as he went from saying their lives suck to realizing how they can inspire people to finally reconciling that he is good when Sam asks.   Dean’s issues with the hunting life has been a theme that cropped up a lot last season not only in Yellow Fever but in On the Head of A Pin (brilliant episode) and It's a Terrible Life so it was nice to see Dean at the end saying he was all right, really.
The twist on the ghost was nice, it was a straightforward salt and burn and yet it wasn't a straightforward salt and burn.  I like that the two geeks (obsessed fans, y'all) came through in true LARPing hero way. And did you notice that when they did come through they dropped their roles and their fake husky voices and became who they were…two men who were willing to help.
Dean producing cash to get the story rather than fake badges was excellent and extremely necessary as at that point who was going to believe anything else.
Using the LARPing game to give us the research/background to the story was a nice change up and of course kept the story very insular as it needed to be. 
A deus ex machina (literally "god from the machine") is a plot device in which a person or thing appears "out of the blue" to help a character to overcome a seemingly insolvable difficulty.

Herein lies my big problem with this episode…deus ex machine = Becky’s reveal of a lead to the Colt. What? How did that happen? Really? Chuck knew that and put it in the books…there’s a whole fandom out there that knows about this? I thought Castiel was a fan of Chuck’s work, how come he didn’t know this?
Sorry, folks, this is a huge blunder…at least at this point in the season because this just came out of nowhere and is now a major plot point. This one does not work for me and I’m amazed to finally be saying it but, Mr. Kripke, this one does not work. I’ll go along with it ‘cause I know that it’s out there and thus the story train is chugging along. Also, since next week it looks like we deal with Crowley and said Colt so the story will move on and I’ll put my blinders on (and memory zapper) and forget all about how this happened.
Whew, glad that’s over. Have they jumped the shark? Is it really jumping the shark if you don’t come down? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make any sound? Why did the chicken cross the road? Did you hear the one about the guy who wanted personalized license plates so he changed his name to ZWR9830? (Yeah, I made up that plate number.)
Maybe I’ll explore the whole jump the shark thing during winter hellatus…maybe not. I’ve got several articles in the works, some of which may actually appear in some sort of finished format.
As for The Real Ghostbusters…I give it a C overall, there were A moments but the ending was a real letdown…Becky knew who had the Colt? Really?
Thanks for reading…Elle2