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I've decided not to submit my review to blogcritics this week.  It's a pretty light review (to go with a pretty light episode) and one that just didn't need to be shared on that forum.  So enjoy this rare exclusive review from me here!


In a long twenty two episode season, one or two are bound to be "throwaways", aka the episodes that are light on story yet still have a few key moments to keep fans engaged. I've felt cheated by such episodes in the past but I found myself strangely enjoying "Fallen Idols." It's the Winchester brothers with the training wheels on and I didn't mind the reduced pace one bit. Maybe because Kripke and company managed to put my psyche through a shredder with the previous four episodes of the season. 
The whole episode meant to show the brothers coming to equal ground. There were all sorts of hints that went along with Sam pointing out to Dean that they need to be on the same level. Both have their own laptops now (so cool!). Sam gets to harass Dean at the end about being wailed on by Paris Hilton after Dean earlier makes an offhand comment about Sam's worship of Gandhi. Sam drives them away in the Impala. 
“Fallen Idols” follows the classic monster of the week format that this show is known for.  Opening scene shows mysterious death, Sam and Dean arrive in town with some sort of family issue on their minds, they put on the suits and use the fake badges to investigate, they fight and air out issues in between, confront and kill the monster, then leave town with a new understanding of each other. It follows the tradition of other "light" episodes like "Playthings," and "Long Distance Call." Sure it could have been funnier, but I also could have also finished the episode demanding my hour back (cough "Bugs" cough). In the end, I was entertained. 
This episode can be broken into two parts, the monster of the week story and the brotherly issues. All in all, it wasn't one of the better MOTW stories. The premise seemed right; James Dean, Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi come to life. Monster takes the form of a person's idol and kills them. I'll have to admit, I have seen Leshii on some lists of mythological creatures this show had yet to tackle, so the choice was of legendary creature was good. 
The weakness of the monster story came from the lack of suspense.  The story and resulting investigation become a little too textbook and parts that could have been interesting fell flat.  None of the deaths were scary. Borderline ridiculous actually. Abe Lincoln is lame, and even the tiny Gandhi jumping on the back of Sam and strangling him, something that should have been hilarious, did nothing for me. The clueless sheriff and wax museum guy were supposed to be funny, but they weren't. Finding out which mythological creature they were dealing with seemed a little too easy. How did Sam know to check for objects in the stomach? Dean freaking out over the legend of Little Bastard though?  Sam speaks Spanish? Sam in blue scrubs?  Keep those nuggets coming!
Bringing in Paris Hilton, that's inspired. I did love that part. Taking out Dean with her blue shoes and an "awesome," that's funny. Anyone who came to critique Ms. Hilton's acting performance so missed the point of her appearance. It was the classic tongue in cheek jab at the human weakness for celebrity. When the heiress herself chastises how our society used to worship Gods and now we read US Weekly and idolize people with nothing more than small dogs and spray on tans, she earned big points for playing along with the biting joke. She also earned big points for kicking Sam and Dean's asses while keeping her hair perfect. It also opened up the opportunity to poke fun at the vehicle that first brought together Jared Padalecki and Paris Hilton, House of Wax. Gotta love how this show takes every chance to bring out the inside joke.
The other parts of the episode, the brothers essentially airing their grievances, those are the ones worthy of analysis. Sam is still resenting Dean's treatment of him. Dean is still resenting Sam's past behavior. This time though, they're grown up enough to work through it. 
Sam wonders why they're taking this job. There's an apocalypse going on. Dean thinks it can wait, they need a basic case to work out the kinks in their teamwork. Sam reluctantly goes along and takes big brother's orders. Does he like it that he does the research while Dean goes to the bar? No, but he lets his protest slide. He won't though let Dean's offhand comment to Bobby on the phone about him starting the apocalypse slide though, but Dean leaves without an apology and an order to go search the museum. 
So first, why is Dean acting this way? I took it to be nothing more than a big brother giving little brother a hard time. He's taking advantage of the idea that Sam must prove himself again. He probably also figures that Sam will continue take it like he always has. Siblings do that.
Sam can't take it anymore though, especially when Dean says the case is over and Sam doesn't think it is. Sam comes clean about the real reason why he went with Ruby. To get away from Dean. That way, he wasn't the little brother taking orders. He felt stronger. They can't go back to the way things were because they were never right. Dean points out Sam wanted back in and Sam points out Dean called him back. The decision to reconcile was a two way street. Dean needs to let him grow up. That right there singlehandedly reconciles for me Sam's behavior in all of season four.
At the end, whatever Sam said has sunk in with Dean. He admits he's been too busy watching Sam's every move to see what it was doing to him. Sam asks to be on the same level, and Dean agrees. There we are. Brothers working out their differences like grownups. The apologies are now done, the bad feelings have all surfaced and been discussed, it’s time to move forward. Sam knows the biggest show of faith he can get from Dean is the offer to drive the Impala. He accepts and they move onto their next big adventure. 
The upcoming adventures actually ended up being the highlight of the episode. The "Soon" segment previews the upcoming three episodes to Jeff Beck's very cool version of "Superstition." I'm not sure what grabbed me more, Castiel wanting to kill a child, Sam and Dean's adventures in a Japanese game show, a sitcom, and doctor show, Sam meeting Dean as an old man or the Impala as Kitt. Actually, none of those burned in my brain more than the final shot, Sam doing a dead on Horatio Cane impression, tough tagline of “jackpot,” sunglasses and all. Oh boy, what are we in for? 
Overall grade, a B. Without the soon segment, a B-. Still, it actually ranks as an episode I'd watch again. That's more than I can say for "Route 666" or a "Red Sky At Morning."  Next week, Castiel is back. Interesting how his absence is now noticed. 


# Galina 2009-10-11 19:34
Brothers working out their differences like grwonups? Maybe in episodes 1 to 4. Here however they looked to me like a pair of kindergarteners sqabbling over who's the bigger douchebag... ;-) The characterisatio n annoyed me to no end.
Maybe I have been spoiled by the previous episodes. It's good to see you are ready to cut the SN writing team some slack though. I would have given them a D-
# Jasminka 2009-10-11 19:50
Alice, hi,
I was just about to close my pc and then your review popped up. I’ve said so much about this episode in another comment that I’ll try to keep this one short.
I do agree with you that this episode was found wanting, but there were some really funny scenes, and – yes – Paris Hilton’s mentioning today’s obsession with celebrity was a great move, and she did surprisingly well.
For me the monster-hunt-pa rt was okay, and I wondered just as you – how did Sam know where to search for the little seeds? Looked as if he did not have a lot of practice handling a scalpel, though, and for a guy who makes his living ‘popping’ ghosts and beheading vampires with barbed wire he appeared a bit hesitant here. But I was instantly proud of Sam when it turned out he speaks Spanish (I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Sam also speaks Finnish and is an avid chess player – gosh, I’d love to sit down for a game of chess with him).

What stuck with me were the scenes the Winchesters began to deal with their issues.
I don’t think, though, that they will move forward now smoothly. Considering the length they still have to go, there might be some important brother-issue-t alks or actions ahead.
And just like you apparently, I became really, really curious about next week’s episode. I spent almost the whole ‘soon’ moments laughing. I wouldn’t mind a hilarious episode (with a probably deeper element, also). There were some fantastic ones in the past, like ‘Monster Movie’ or ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’.
Jensen and Jared rock in comedic scenes just as well as they do in those hugely dramatic ones. I’d love to see them getting out their humor again and do what they do best: entertain us.
I'll get to bed now, it's past 1 a.m. over here. All my best, Jas
# staceycp 2009-10-12 06:14
alice your soo right about that soon trailer! Ive seen it so many times that i lost count! sams horatio caine impression wwas so funny! i swear these guys are gonna be the death of me! lol. and out of the rest. the second funniest scene i thought was bobby saying 'I see you have met john mcaine here' with old dean munching on a sandwich-hillar ious!
# elle2 2009-10-12 11:34
I liked Paris in this episode. She did a great job of being smarmy and aloof and over-the-top as one would expect a pagan god to be. Look at the prior 'human' pagan gods, Christmas and The Trickster and they're all a bit on the smarmy side.

I did think it a bit too much to have Sam performing an autopsy...reall y, that's too much to buy as no medical examiners office would allow 'someone' off the street to perform such a job, so that's too far. Better to have had a scene where they interview the ME and have the findings of the seeds be brought to light.

I love the dual computers and while Dean bothered me by his somewhat childish, churlish behavior I'm gladd Sam called him on it and made it clear that he wasn't going to take it anymore. He has grown up and it's time he not only acts it, he says it. Good for Sam for coming clean to Dean on the why's and what fors of the reasons for going off with Ruby. It was childish and churlish of Sam to do it in the first place but that's in the past, now it's time to discuss it and deal with it, and they did.

It's no throwaway episode for me as there was too much of the brotherly interaction that needed to be brought to light and that was to say it's a throwaway. However, like some other MOTW eps in the past, it's not likely to be one that gets revisited time and time and time again (like BUABS or WIAWSNB or for true MOTW, AVSNC or Faith).

Paris delivered beatuifully and Kripke and Co. brought enough of the in-jokes that made it fun to watch and wait for. I liked it very much.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-12 16:38
Your ARE very generous with your reviews, Alice. Missed the pictures this time.

I agree with Galina. The boys were acting very uncharacteristi c, like kindergarteners , as Galina said, not adults patching up differences. And that's not what most fans wanted to see.

After the 'The End', I assumed the s4 issues were over, and now it was time to move on. Apologies were made and accepted. Over and done! Nothing that was said in the re-apology in 'Fallen Idols' couldn't have been said, or assumed, in 'The End'. The only piece of additional info was that Sam did know Dean had broken the first seal, and that could have been done in the next arc episode.

I wouldn't have given it anywhere near a B-, but definitely agree it was a 'throw away' episode.

Did like PH going along with the fun though.
# Jacey 2009-10-12 16:57
“Next week, Castiel is back. Interesting how his absence is now noticed.”

I have never commented before - But this comment has driven me out of lurksville.

Yes Castial's absence is noticed - and absolutely welcomed by me - I was so pleased when Misha Collin's name didn't appear at the beginning of the episode.

The relief I felt at a Castial free episode was immense.

Please let me explain myself I am not trying to cause trouble here but the Castial character is killing the Supernatural buzz for me.

I have been a fan of Supernatural since the beginning but never done the whole internet thing – Never go to forums or anything – Until this summer when I heard the Castial character had been made a permanent fixture – I thought WTF considering I really didn’t warm to the character in Season 4 and he was only in 13 episodes and some of those for mere seconds and now here he is going to be in 17 episodes and a series regular – So I looked to the web for the outcry I was sure to find in agreement with me but No people were actually Happy, Glad, Ecstatic even that Misha Collins (Castial was here to stay) some extremists even hoping that Castial would replace Sam and well I felt sick really-The show has always been about the brothers for me – Not one or the other but both and for some fans to not want that well I was shocked.

No other character has ever bothered me like Castial – Not Bela nor Ruby 1 or Ruby 2 because I never felt they encroached on the brotherly bond – relationship - story because they were somehow on the outside unlike Castial – He’s not on the outside – He’s right in there and this show is about 2 brothers – For me there is no place for a third wheel.

Also It disturbs me when people write they just want equal story for all the show cast regulars when they obviously mean to include Castial in this – Well you never heard people crying out for this with Bela or Ruby 1 and they were show regulars – I’m sure I would have seen the outcry I was looking for if this had been the situation – But for Castial there is just *much love*

Why – I don’t get it? There was no need for this kind of character in Season 1, 2, or 3 and they were all Fabulous seasons – so why go there now – The Angels I get – the story can have as many random Angels as it wants but why Dean needs an Angel on his shoulder is beyond me.

I wish the words Dean spoke to Lucifer had been directed at Castial – That ultimately when you get down to it - under the raincoat - Castial is just another example of Supernatural Crap that Dean’s been hunting his entire life.

In my opinion I don’t think all the Castial fans really love Castial they just love Misha Collins and If Castial had come back in Season 5 after being blown to peaces by an Archangel in a different meatsuit the fan reaction would be totally different.

Also I don’t think there are as many Castial fans as it would first appear they just SHOUT the loudest – I think there are many more fans out there who are not overly happy with Castial being in nearly every episode but they just lurk like me so their voices are never heard,

Anyway to wind down - It upsets me that out of the 1st 6 episodes of season 5 the only one Castial is missing from is the one you call a “throwaway” – So is this what we are to expect now that we will indeed have Castial free episodes but they will be of no substance just throwaways.

I hope not – It will make me very sad

# Sablegreen 2009-10-12 18:26
This was not a poor episode for me because Castiel was not in it. I also do not see why his character ever needed to be in the series, and was not happy to see his name after Jensen's. Jared and Jensen MADE this series by the way they interact on the being Sam and Dean. Why Kripke thought the series needed a new regular for its last season is far beyond my understanding.

This was a poor episode for me because Kripke was not true to his characters, and because, for me, he has dragged these s4 issues on for too long.
# Maria 2009-10-13 09:59
Hello, Alice! And everyone else. I am new to this site. I have been following (cough *stalking* cough) your reviews for months now, having by chance found your page at blogcritics. I did a Google search on Supernatural reviews, and read the best and worst Supernatural episodes reviews you had written, and you can imagine my glee when I read your disapproval (at best) over Dean/Cassie. Yes, that was awful, artistically speaking, and not because Dean was with a girl other than me (snicker), which is what every fangirl ever thinks; it's ridiculous. I found out about Supernatural earlier this year, so I did a major catching-up of all seasons (I had unknowingly seen What Is and What Should Never Be one or two years before on TV), and found myself gripped immediately by the show! I have loved your insightful reviews and admit that at points I have been eager for the episode to end so that I would read your take on it. I live in Greece, so I have to watch online. Only recently was the S4 aired on TV, so am I glad of the existence of computers? Hell yeah!

Anyway! I wanted to respond to Jacey. Hello, Jacey! I accept your opinion, but I must admit, I disagree. Of course, we have to agree to disagree, but let me tell you why. Supernatural is made of five seasons (thus far), and it would be impossible to have the same plot going on over and over again. This is not LOST (pfft). As Alice said, there is range, and that is most needed. I love arcs, so when it turned direction towards demons/angels, it was beautiful and greatly executed. Where would the Apocalypse fit more than in Supernatural? The MOTW line would have failed for five seasons on the row, and so here comes a plot that actually makes the episodes continuous, like in a film, instead of separate episodes dealing with something different each time. I'm saying that because you seem to take the angels/demons plot in your stride instead of embracing it. It's only natural that there will be one, two characters that will be closer to the boys throughout this painful ordeal. I think what you suggest - random angels - would destroy the show, it would make everything more distant. Yes, the show is indeed about the boys, and I don't understand why you feel threatened. Castiel is not stealing time. I personally believe the show is enhanced because of Castiel and the new arc. Well, imagine the show with just Dean and Sam, only them, and nothing else. Might as well make a reality show out of them, and see how they brush their teeth. You know. As intriguing as that would be (ha!), still, boring. There are interweaving characters, plotlines, lifestyles, without which it would be mundane, like in life. Dean and Sam are not alone, they are people (no matter how extraordinary) who create relationships, live with them, suffer because of them, and learn from them.

Such as the one with Ruby. I don't get why all the hatred for Ruby. Is it because she was a female character, and the fangirls were insanely jealous automatically because of that? Huh? Huh? Huh? That is so absurd. The same goes for Bela, and I don't agree with your take on her, Alice; I don't even understand why you dislike her. I thought she was a good villain, same as Ruby. Compared to season one, see how season three is further enriched because of the introduction of those characters. I think Bela has been misunderstood, and Time Is On My Side proves that; pity Eric Kripke listens to the fangirls. The fangirls (specific emphasis on 'girls') should hardly be listened to, since they behave childishly with extremely gorgeous guys, having fantasies over 'them' being with Dean and Sam, instead of allowing a normal, healthy relationship on the show (of course, it's a good thing the show is not about romantic relationships, Lucifer knows I hate those!). Then again, there is no such thing as a normal, healthy relationship in Supernatural! And one of the reasons Castiel was accepted so avidly was because of the suffocating numbers of fangirls swooning over Misha Collins, before he had established himself as a great actor and character. I mean, really?

So, I personally believe Castiel is a great add to the regular characters. That he has established a close relationship with Dean is touching, and creates a nice balance for season four; Dean loses Sam, but he gains a friend throughout. Angels are indeed watching over him!
# Jasminka 2009-10-13 12:20
Hi Jacey,
thanks for your gutsy comment. Of course you are entitled to think of Castiel to be a dispensable or superfluous character. But, I have to say, I also disagree with your opinion.
When Castiel came into the show, I was curious, though ambivalent. I was wondering where Kripke might be heading with this new arc, as it clearly added the celestial department of the Supernatural, which had been lightly established in episodes like ‘Houses of the Holy’ – when we learned about the striking different attitudes our favourite brothers had concerning the matter: Sam the believer, Dean the sceptic.
That Dean of all people, - who was holding a grudge against angels (and God, probably) in general, because they had not protected his mother (who had told him that angels were watching over them) – that Dean of all people was the one brought back from Hell by an angel struck me as a fascinating and disturbing fact.
Something was probably rotten in the state of Illinois…
Of course, later we learned why, and the character of Castiel slowly began to show many facets, although I sometimes thought it illogical that he should feel sympathy or defiance when we are told by Anna that angels felt nothing at all. How then does he? But on the other hand, were Castiel to be only a walking, emotionless doll – the (getting better by the minute) actor Mischa Collins would not have the chance to give more features to the character. He finally grew a pair in the end of season 4.
By now I have become very curious to find out where Kripke will be headed with this particular character while being certain that Cas will never be a brother for Sam or Dean. But a friend? A brother in arms? Why not?
We have a constantly expanding story arc here, which is what we love about our show, don’t we? Had it only been a monster-of-the- week horror show, would we really be still watching? I would not. It’s the richness in many appealing and appalling aspects that makes this show (for me) the best show on today’s tv.
Have faith, Kripke knows what he is doing, and he has this bunch of intelligent, sparkling- with-wit-and-im agination writers and prop guys and technicians )you know, the whole caboodle (and I just love that word…) to back him up and to give us the best possible show with a story line to keep us glued to the screens.

Hello Maria,
I loved your response to Jacey and your personal opinion which you shared with us. I couldn’t agree more with you – I also think that Castiel is a great addition that enhances the show! I’d love to see to what lengths the producers will let him go. The glimpses of the future episodes show us an angel in turmoil, willing to kill a half-man/half-d emon child (is it really a threat or did Castiel sit through too many Omen-movies?)†¦ Bring it on, Kripke.

May angels watch over you all, Jas
# Huppy 2009-10-13 21:42
Alice, I'm so glad I found your review of Fallen Idols here! I had been checking the blogcritic and not finding it.

I agree, this was a weak episode. My favorite part was the look on Sam's face when Dean told Paris Hilton he hasn't watched "House of Wax." I also liked Sam's comment about being on "double secret probation."

While the brothers' discussions were interesting, the MOTW was not. The maid happened to see the murder through the window? The video happened to catch James Dean's image? Sam did unauthorized autopsies and found the seeds?

This demi-god was so less interesting than the demi-gods in AVSC and of course the Trickster. I thought Paris Hilton did fine in her role, but even she couldn't save this MOTW.

Fallen Idols is not the worst SN episode ever (that would be Bugs, Heart, RSAM and Family Remains IMO) but a very flat one and one I could definitely pass on.

So will you keep posting other reviews on the blogcritic?
# staceycp 2009-10-14 03:55
wow! such Juicy comments! I would like to comment also on your post Jacey. welcome too btw! I also disagree aswell respectfully about castiel's character.

Im a male and very straight (even though i have a girly name lol) so no fan girl response about misha collins from me! I never herd of him before he apeared on the show but their are some actors that are so thrilling to watch you just sit up and take notice and say WOW! lol. ofcourse castiel can never replace the winchesters but I feel his adition not only opened up the world of the show but deepend the brothers characterizatio n to such a level that I could never see achieved otherwise.

as we learnt in 'houses of the holly' dean only believes things if he sees them with his eyes. he said he dont believe in angels because he never seen one. In someways I see deans characterisatio n in season 4 almost like a spiritual continuation of that episode- suddenly he is stopped with the realization that angels are real! the fact he can see them is the proof he needed. and the angel dragged him out of hell-as many fans have noted deans journey in season 4 was a very shocking one. I mean come on! dean on a journey of FAITH! their is no way in hell this story would have worked without the introduction of the angels and castiel.

for me season 4 was facinating in that the writers got everything right and all the recurring characters worked perfectly. all the angels. and also cant exclude the prophet chuck! always excited when he apears. and anna aswell-proberly the only female supernatural character that hasnt had fan oposition! and for me anna is the best female character on the show to date. she has this really otherworldly feel to her id almost liken her to castiel as she has that similar soulfull look. i really wish she was in it abit more.

and maria I like your comments about ruby and bella. I didnt really have a problem with either character neither do i with jo and ellen which i think are awesome too!.

ruby I think was a fine character. for some reason the actress bugged the fans but boy some of these fans love to complain! lol. as for bella-its a sad fact and I really hate to say this when this is such a well written show overall but i think she was sorely underwritten and porely handled.-I think the actress was incredible and this is a case of unused potential. they really could have made her a fantastic and amazing character. but the problem came from-she kept on making the brothers look like idiots way too much.-once or twice we can let it slide but over and over it gets alittle tedious. and she had no connection whatsoever to the season arc-mythology. again with her backstory they breadcrumbed it way too much. made her too unlikeable and only showed her humanity at the end. but luckily we have came along way since then.
# Bethany 2009-10-14 07:06
I agree that this episode didn't live up to the previous ones because of plot and pacing not the lack of Cas - it was all a bit lazy but i did enjoy it even if it wasn't gripping. Even good shows need a lazy day.

I love Cas and what his addition means to the show, but he's like Bobby (who still has a greater claim on my affections) there to add something else to the brothers world, to show background and give the brothers someone else to interact with.

For the record i loved Ellen and was over the moon to see her back, didn't love jo but i didn't hate her either. I loved Katie Cassidy's ruby and i didn't think the second actress was no where near half as good but i still loved the character. I liked bela and would have loved her if she'd have just stayed in the one episode but i felt that she was an underdeveloped character who was kind of shoe horned in and it felt false.

But back to the episode - i like PH and gave her major kudos for taking it out of herself so much. Yes the boys were acting like 5 year olds, but guess what we all do sometimes and we often don't do the "mature/grown up" thing, stands to reason the boys wouldn't too.

Loved the "soon" segment, Cas and the kid intriged me (yes he's seen the omen too many times) and i just cracked up at the "john mccain" comment (did i mention how much i love bobby) and the game shows and sitcom set ups just look awesome! Also Jared's rocking horatio kane impression! (we love a bit of CSI sunday in our house) props to that man it was spot on and had me laughing myself into a stitch.
# Maithreyi 2009-10-15 20:04
HOKAY. I had so many issues with this episode, I don't know where to start. If it were not for the "Soon" segment, which had me slumping against walls, shaking with laughter, and the inside jokes ("House of Wax" reference FTW!), I would give this episode a solid F. It is possible I've been spoiled by the sheer brilliance of the first four, but still. Got to rank this alongside "Bugs".

For one, the plot. The premise was interesting enough, and the first death seriously creeped me out in a way Supernatural deaths haven't since that petty thief's death in "Bad Day at Black Rock", but as you said, there was a lack of proper suspense, and the progression of events leading up to their discovery of the actual MoTW seemed more like a lazily written fanfiction. And any explanation about WHY an Eastern European Pagan god is terrorising the people in a small American town? Some artifact? Some significant attachment? Some SUBSTANCE, please?

Paris Hilton's appearance was brief, but enjoyable (yes, kudos to her for going along with it). The other characters came and went, and none of them were even the least bit funny, not even the clueless sheriff. Especially him. He was plain annoying. So was Sam and Dean's exaggerated condescension in their interactions with him.

Coming to my main complaints, the characterisatio n. It really threw me off this episode. Dean... well, Dean. I pretty much agree with your comments on his behaviour in this episode, although I was literally yelling at the screen, "Dean, you SUCK." Because he did. For all his declarations of "starting anew" and "putting the training wheels on", his blatant hypocrisy in keeping Sam on a tight leash, withholding info... still waiting for Sam to prove himself, still not over his trust issues. For all that the brothers' interactions were childish/poorly -written this episode, I liked that Sam called Dean on it, and Dean had something of an apology at the end. Getting Sam to drive was a nice touch.

(And on a personal note, what was it with the comments on Gandhi? The Collective Wrath of My Nation is upon you, Dean Winchester. :P )

And SAM. How different was he? It's interesting that he goes along with Dean until he is finally pushed to confront him (although the meaning behind "I went with Ruby to get away from you", and "let me grow up" could've been phrased a lot better; what WAS with the writing this episode?). Sam whistling and going "yahtzee" and "ice the devil" and "stop wringing our hands over it, let's grab on and kick ass"? Wow. I'm glad he's ready to move on, though he hasn't forgiven himself, and probably never will. I'll be happier if BOTH of them are ready to move on.

Also, for the first time, it seemed to me like Sam had hell of a lot more lines in this episode than any other in the series. That could be due to the sodding excess of info-dump exposition, though, I dunno.

It was fun learning a little more about Sam - somehow I just KNEW that he'd be the one to know/remember some Spanish among the two, and his sheepish "freshman year Spanish" and correcting Dean later in the motel was awesome. Also, Sam can also apparently performed UNSUPERVISED autopsies (although I enjoyed the scene for the pure joy that is seeing Sam in scrubs; being a medical student myself, I dream, oh, I dream), even though he seemed utterly squicked just witnessing one a season ago ("Yellow Fever"). And yeah, just how did he know where exactly to look? Or did he just get lucky? Or was "Eastern European pagan god" on his normal checklist?

Also, I find it interesting that Sam is a fan of Gandhi, who was a devoted pacifist, who believed in civil disobedience rather than reckless violence in the name of justice. Liberation of the people, for him, not just meant freedom from British rule, but the betterment of overall living standards, and a harmonious community. In other words, he was constantly aware of the big picture, and was not emotionally driven into attempting reckless things, or inflamed by undue attachment to a singular object or person. I wonder if we are to read deeper into Sam's admiration for the man, or if it was just meant as a set-up for an eventually lame series of jokes.

The episode was disappointing; I wouldn't have minded some Castiel, though that is not to say the show is lessened by his absence.

I was looking forward to a mindlessly funny one-off, but I guess all it managed to was hit the critc's button in me. Oh well. The next batch of episodes look to be a lot more promising, so looking forward to that.

Sorry for the extra-long ramble!
# Suze 2009-10-24 17:33
Finally caught up after all the blue screen nonsense and moebus conversations with PC world technodrones and ... Um, well, there wasn't really enough of this to actually dislike and PH took the piss out of herself quite neatly ( she's probably been taking notes while everyone else did it ) But the only sinister and frankly chilling bit was the exchange of apologies at the end. Thoughtful, mature, reasonable - No one got punched or throttled or stropped off in a huff - Who the hell are these people and what have they done with our Winchesters!