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Walker “It Writes Itself,” 3.17 is the penultimate episode of the season, and it finally explains the tagline for Season 3, “Surrender to Yourself.” It represents the idea of stop fighting yourself, your memories, what you want, and face what’s bothering you, even if it’s scary. Though all the people do this to different degrees, the one who does this more literally as he completes his journey toward healing is …


3.17 565 Young Old Cordell

Life is good for Cordell, family and friends. The horse rescue is open. Captain James is getting remarried and asks Cordell to officiate. When he decides to make the bachelor party a camping retreat, Cassie backs out. Still, he is surrounded by those he loves and those who love him on a beautiful ride out to a wonderful place to fish. It’s the quiet times when the trauma truly hits him. Writing his officiant speech leads to painful flashbacks. A simple game of pick up football turns into a war zone, where he refuses to “shoot” at his son. This enables Trey to intercept and score. It allows makes August feel hurt, and gives him a reason to keep hiding the fact that he wants to join the Army from his dad. Liam notices something is off, and talks to Cordell about it, urging Cordell to face what is blocking him. But Cordell is scared. He has seen others consumed by their past thoughts and he has too much to live for in the now. But after he saves Trey from a venomous snake, he realizes he can’t hide from the past forever, and he is strong enough to face it. The scene between Jared and Colin was amazing, each bringing their own version of Cordell at different ages to life. This is where “surrender to yourself” gets said, for that is what Cordell has to do. Now there is one final step: talking to Cooper. In another amazing scene, Cordell finally learns to differentiate himself from Cooper, while keeping the good parts. And he finally lets go of the Texas flag, his regret for keeping it, and the guilt of thinking he failed Cooper. It was a debt he did not owe, and he finally lets that sink in. Now his life is his own. Something that is also being discovered by …

Bonham and Abeline

3.17 481 Bonham Abeline

Parenting and grandparenting tends to take up all your time, especially if you’re as close knit as the Walkers. Ranching is also all consuming. But now, the kids and grandkids are out doing different things. The ranch is in good hands. It’s time for Bonham and Abeline to surrender to themselves and their wishes and finally go on that honeymoon they never got to go on. Mitch and Molly are always amazing together. It’s one of the things that is so wonderful about Walker - the older generation have rich, full storylines. But they're not the only ones who find a way to take time for pleasure. There is also…

Geri, Cassie & Kelly

3.17 578 spa side step

When Kelly’s friends get stuck in Florida, Geri and Cassie quickly volunteer to fill in so she can have her bachelorette weekend. Odette, Ashley and Kearran are delightful together as this unlikely trio. They start with a relaxing spa day, but soon realize… that’s not who they are nor what they want. So they head back to the Side Step where hot men do their bidding. It was a great change from just showing women going to an exotic dance club, for what many women truly want is hot men doing chores. Surrendering to yourself means knowing what you want and going after it. This includes friendships. Cassie approaches Geri wanting to hang out more, and Geri reciprocates. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, because having friends is important, as is found out by …


3.17 329 Stella Bel

In Season 1, Stella’s partying led to her best friend’s parents moving back to Mexico instead of being deported. The last thing Stella knew was that Bel was going to visit her parents, then … nothing. Now, Stella and Bel are reunited and it’s as awkward as one would expect. Going from the high point of opening the rescue, to being blasted in the face with the consequences of past actions often leads to self reflection, of surrendering to yourself. And Violet shows this well.  In Stella’s case, she goes back to Bel to apologize. But also, she needs a friend. Who knows where this will lead in the future, but it was nice to see.

Walker is often called a comfort show, a warm hug in a dark time. "It Writes Itself" exemplifies this. “Surrender to yourself” is a call to stop fighting what’s truly you, the mistakes of your past, the realities of your present, and your hopes for the future. It’s a beautiful message in an uncertain time.

And uncertain is definitely what Witt and the Forest Ranger make upcoming episodes. What are they up to? What do they want? Who's their boss? How will this affect the wedding? Its intriguing and I can’t wait to find out more.

4.97 out of 5

Photos Courtesy of The CW. Screencaps by Raloria on LJ.

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