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We’re coming down to the end of Season 3, and this episode seems focused on second chances. Just when we think it’s safe to turn our attention to friends and family, there’s the definite clue that some group still has it in for the Walkers and their friends.

I’m going to leave the detailed recap to others and give my reactions. Despite the lack of any real action or crime drama in this episode, we saw interesting relationship dynamics, and still a few things that made me scratch my head.

Things That Went Well

Captain James and Cordell have finally gotten past the early seasons’ tension and seem to be in a good place. James asks Cordell to officiate at his wedding, and Abeline invites him to have the ceremony at the Walker ranch. The bachelor party is a camp-out, which provides a laid-back bonding experience (except for the snake). I had to chuckle at Trey’s comment about bears, since Jared is scared of bears. They get asked to put out their fire by a forest ranger.

The horse rescue is officially open. Stella and Liam cut the ribbon and kick it off with a big party. Nice to see that go well.

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Geri and Cassie pick up the slack when Kelly’s friends can’t make it for the bachelorette party. They take her out for a spa day then end up back at the Side Step while Chippendale-type guys clean the bar. That was strange.

Cordell keeps seeing his younger self, getting flashbacks to his time in the military. Liam can tell something’s wrong, but Cordell won’t admit there’s a problem. I’m glad that Cordell is getting prompted to deal with the past and is at least taking baby steps toward doing that and not running away.

Abeline and Bonham realize that they’ve finally gotten to the point where everyone is out of the house. Looks like they’re getting up to some sexy times! It’s great to see a mature couple enjoy life and have a fulfilling marriage. Kudos to them deciding to finally go on the big honeymoon trip they didn’t get to take back then. (Should I be worried that something is going to go wrong?)

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Cordell arranged for Cooper’s police transport to stop at the ranch. Bonham thanks Cooper for his testimony that saved Cordell. Cordell gives him back his folded flag. He says he is letting go of the guilt and trauma associated with Cooper’s ‘death’. Interestingly, Cooper calls Cordell ‘stinker’, which has been Cordell’s nickname for Liam. Hmm.

What Made Me Wonder

Auggie is apparently thinking about going into the Army. Given his ambivalence to his dad’s experience, I’m surprised. Does he think he needs to do it to ‘measure’ up’ somehow in Cordell’s view of him? (Cordell was Marines, not Army.) This seems out of character for what we’ve seen from Auggie thus far.

Cassie and Geri decide to hang out more. I’m not sure how that’s going to go. Cassie is a straight-shooter and I’m still not sure we’ve gotten the full scoop on Geri. 

Sadie invites Stella to a college party. Why is Sadie given run of the Walker house given her history? Considering her recent actions, that seems reckless. Stella goes with Sadie after making sure that the car isn’t stolen and that Sadie isn’t going to drink, which are logical questions. Sadie introduces Stella to Witt, a guy who helped her out of a jam. 

Stella runs into Bel, the high school friend whose family got deported because of Stella’s underage party bust. Bel’s family is back legally and things are going well. Stella apologizes, now with a more mature understanding of just how badly her mistake cost Bel and her family. Bel acknowledges the apology but there’s clearly a chill (understandable). Stella admits that she isn’t sure what she wants to do once her year off from college admission is through—stay with the ranch or go to school (running the ‘family business’—nice nod to Supernatural). I don’t get the idea that Bel cares about Stella’s decision. I don’t think Bel is a friend. 

Witt and the forest ranger meet up, and decide that Stella is ‘vulnerable’. They make an ominous comment about the upcoming wedding. I have to suspect that Sadie set Stella up, since otherwise Witt’s interest seems too much of a coincidence. Why are they interested, what’s their grudge against the Walkers/Rangers, and are they part of a bigger organization? Who is Sadie, really—and what’s her angle?? And is Geri who she presents herself to be to the Walkers? Is Geri being duped by Sadie, or working with her toward some other goal? I’m looking forward to the finale!

Here’s hoping we get a Season 4!

As always, Jared and the cast turned in a great performance. 

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