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"Daddy Was a Bank Robber” is such a great title for Walker 3.16, where everyone is introduced to Sadie, Hoyt’s daughter. A strong theme this season is how the past affects the present. This episode deals with working through that past for a better future. Some have already done the work, others are still in the process,  like …


The events of this season have forced Cordell to take a hard look at his past and what got him to this point in his life. The man he modeled himself after isn’t who he thought he was, and that has created a lot of self-doubt, especially where Hoyt’s death is concerned. So, when Cordell meets Sadie, he immediately is defensive and suspicious, choosing to believe the worst in her to protect himself and not let her into his life. It doesn’t help that his first impression is her scamming people in his bar.  He is also, in a way, trying to make up for the fact that he felt he was too soft on Hoyt in the past that led to Hoyt’s outlaw life.  This causes Cordell to act more abrasively than he tends to where new people are concerned. The people who know him know exactly what’s going on and why he’s doing it, but Sadie doesn’t. So, Cordell’s attitude backfires because she acts the way he thinks she will out of spite - returning the money because the idea of spiting with Cordell lost its fun. The heart to heart when she returns the money is a step in them building their relationship, and Cordell putting in the work to process the new revelation and overcoming the past. Jared brilliantly portrays Walker’s emotions throughout the the entire episode, especially when Cordell then further works through the issues of the past in his conversation with …

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She’s finally back in Austin! Though technically she made her triumphant return last episode when she helped Cordell through his injury and patch things up with his father, this week she returns to the Walker family as a whole, along with the reason she was gone so long. She was connecting with Sadie. It’s kind of funny that last episode she helped repair problems that brewed in her absence while this episode she brings the best kind of trouble, new family. With Sadie comes more than hijinks. She brings memories, regrets, and what might have beens. Geri, continually, in her special way, pushes back against Cordell’s suspicion and defensive measures. She rightly calls him on being too tough with Sadie to make up for being too soft with Hoyt. Though Geri has had months to process, the pain and regret is still there for her too, especially when she talks with Cordell and they remember Hoyt together. Odette and Jared’s chemistry shine this episode. Through their shared grief, they work on overcoming the pain in their past, the loss of …

Hoyt and Sadie

Screenshot 1775 Sadie

It was so wonderful to see Hoyt, the lovable scoundrel, again. Matt Barr shines on the screen bringing his massive amounts of charm every time he appears. He remains a tragic character. His outlaw personality denied him both a life with Geri and, unknowingly a life with his daughter. Sadie has her father’s irreverent charm and thrill seeking behavior but is also able to change course, unlike her father. She is a captivating singer, as is the actress who plays her, Saylor Curda. Time will tell if she will also be a tragic figure. One thing is certain, she has already been accepted into the rest of the …

Walker Family

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In a wonderful juxtaposition to just a few episodes ago, this time when Cordell comes into see his family, he’s freshly dressed and smiling. The family is hectic as families are, but Abeline makes sure to fill his cup, once used by Kevin, with coffee especially for him. When he laments that there is no more bacon, Liam quickly points out there is more, and this time Cordell’s hand isn’t slapped away from a pan. They announce their gratitude that Geri helped him through his injury and getting him back to them. Even when some must leave, his mom and dad stay back and wrap him in love as they embrace him. The whole family continues to support him, even if that support is shown as pushing back against his severe reaction to Sadie. Even Stella, who earlier this season bristled against her dad’s harshness, has come to understand it means he cares and tells Sadie so. August, though, is enamored with Sadie. Their flirting is cute, but does cause Cordell some stress. Liam is also distracted from welcoming Sadie by needing to help Ben. When that goes sideways, because Liam still goes into lawyer mode, he calls in …

Cassie and Trey

WLK316fg 0007r

At the end of the last episode, these two were at odds. The beginning of this episode shows the rift is still there, evident in Cassie’s knock instead of her just walking into Trey’s apartment like she normally does. Cassie is worried about Trey and puts aside her upset in order to help him. He responds by immediately having her back when her brother needs her. She has his back, he has hers. The case of the forged wine is them working on their relationship. The way Cassie reacts to Trey’s line of, “your partner has your back,” shows how much mending their relationship means to her - so much that at the end of the episode, she once again walks right in to his apartment. He even wants her to stay as he makes a scary call.  It wonderful to see these two be friends again. Another couple that it’s great to see back again is…

Captain James and Kelly

These two have been rooted for since Captain James was shot in season 2, so it’s wonderful to see them together and getting closer. It’s also nice to see Capt. James so nervous because she means so much to him. There is no couple that so obviously emphasizes the theme of working to overcome your past for a brighter future than these two. For them, the work has been fine and now it’s time to enjoy each other again. 

After the tumult of the last few episodes, "Daddy was a Bank Robber" was one to calm down and focus on family, to show how far each of our characters have come over the season. Though some have a ways to go, like Cordell, it was a nice, fun change of pace. And Sadie’s song was very catchy.

4.95 out of 5 stars.

Photos Courtesy of The CW. 

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